About this product

This Rebel Aubrey D. hot sauce is made chili Red Savina, descendant of Habanero chili, which is selectively grown to be the more pungent the present case Habanero chili. This sauce is very spicy and tasty.

  • All Natural. Preservative Free. Gluten Free. Vegan. Kosher.
  • Extreme heat from the Red Savina peppers, a spicy strain of the habanero for extreme hot flavors.
  • Highly spicy on the hotness scale with flavors peaking from burning tinge to pleasurable delight.
  • Unique blend of selective bred peppers like red savina, green bell and red scotch bonnet peppers.
  • Contains the pungency of mustard to compliment the heat of peppers and for an enhanced flavor.
  • Made with fresh ingredients perfectly soured and spiced with vinegar and garlic in a tomato puree.
  • Extra hot and zingy marinade for meats, BBQ's and anything off the grills.
  • Versatile accompaniment to steak, chops, fried or marinated ribs, chicken, pork and tofu.
  • Pairs up just perfect with cool beverages and chips, makes them delish.
  • Sharp and hot add on to otherwise bland salads and salad dressings. Hand crafted and hand packed in small batches for that rich and hot tasty flavor.
This Aubrey D. Rebel hot sauce is made with the Red Savina strain of the Habanero pepper, which are selectively bred to be the hottest type of Habanero pepper. It is extremely hot and full of flavor. It will spice up drinks and make your meats want to cook themselves. Use it with the steak, chops, burgers, fried or marinated ribs, chicken, pork or tofu. This sauce is very spicy and tasty. All hand made and hand packed. Made with passion, using only the best and freshest ingredients. Made in small batches. Highest quality, full bodied flavors, vibrant colors wonderful aromas. Hand crafted in small individual kettles to bring out the very best in flavors and tastes. Every condiment incorporates the lingering bite of exquisite jalapenos that will bring wonderful flavor and nice light bite to any dish from BBQ's to a wonderful gourmet epicurean meal. Once a meal has been enhanced by one or all of Aubrey D. and Rebel Sauces, you'll never go back to "ordinary" again......