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Emergencies happen, and Staples has the First Alert ladders you need to make sure you get out of your home or office when rooms or hallways can't be navigated.

Choosing the Right Ladder
Escape ladders extend in an emergency, bracing themselves against a wall to provide instant help while you climb down the side of a building. These ladders come in a number of lengths, with most at least two stories long. The added length makes sure that people climbing down don't have to jump to reach the ground at the bottom. The right emergency ladder supports you and several others at the same time; these ladders have higher duty ratings to make sure people carrying heavy items or multiple people using the ladders simultaneously are supported without compromising the ladder's integrity.

Benefits of an Escape Ladder
Escape ladders give you the comfort of knowing that you are able to get out of your home or office if there's a fire or other problem inside. Most of these ladders latch over windowsills between 6 and 13 inches deep and extends two to three stories down. This makes it easy for anyone in the building to climb to safety, even if hallways or rooms are impassable due to smoke, fire, flooding or other concerns. With a strong steel construction, escape ladders hold more weight than plastic or wooden ladders, with some models supporting up to 1,125 pounds. Many models fold or retract. Some lightweight models designed for portability have rope or metal strips and roll up for easy storage.

What Features Are Important in an Emergency Ladder?
Ladders that are both slip-resistant and made from strong materials provide the safety you require. Slip-resistant footholds made with durable grated designs or gels add security by reducing the impact of rain or water on the rungs while making them easier to step on firmly, without a feeling slickness. Escape ladders that roll up should not tangle easily, and ladders that extend should open without much difficulty, so even teens can use them when necessary. Emergency ladders have legs with stoppers on the ends that stick out horizontally to brace them against the building's walls.

What Are the Benefits and Disadvantages of Different Emergency Ladders?
Emergency ladders provide several stories of length, latch onto window frames and have supportive rungs from the top to the bottom. Portable in nature, these ladders extend or roll out when needed. Some use Cordura nylon strapping for extra support for the rungs along with strong steel construction. Others made with wood or weaker fabric connections are less resistant to fire; steel and nylon options provide the necessary protection.

What Do Duty Ratings Mean on Ladders?
Duty ratings describe the maximum weight the ladder holds safely. For emergency ladders, take into consideration that several people may use it at once or that workers with heavy equipment may need to use the ladder to enter the home. Consider these factors when selecting a First Alert ladder for your home safety needs.
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