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Fiskars Composting Bins


Fiskars offers a wide selection of gardening and yard care products as well as crafts, sewing and home improvement goods. Gardening tools from this brand includes rakes, garden forks and compost bins. While rakes and forks are ideal for collecting compost materials, the bins hold the decaying organic matter long enough to transform it into compost. In addition to creating the humid environment required to turn waste into plant food, a compost bin also keeps flies and pests away from the decomposing organic matter to ensure that the composting process proceeds naturally without posing a health hazard.

Why Get a Compost Bin?
Turning yard and food waste into compost is not only an efficient use of natural resources but also an ecofriendly choice. For avid home gardeners and farmers, composting is a cost-saving measure that reduces the amount of NPK fertilizers required for the next growing season. By transforming organic waste into nutrient-rich fertilizers, composting bins can preserve the health of growing soil for a long time and produce rich harvests even from small backyard gardens.

Making fertilizer at home with compost bags is easy and takes no more effort that throwing away food waste and organic garden debris. Compost does not form just by piling these materials in the corner of the yard. It needs a container that supports the right mix of oxygen, moisture, temperature and microbes.

How Fiskars Bins Improve Composting
Manufacturers make compost bins out of materials like plastic, wood, stainless steel and ceramic. Each material has its advantages and drawbacks. For example, while wood is a popular choice, it rots easily and is prone to insect attack. Woods treated with insecticides, on the other hand, can introduce toxins to compost. A plastic bin can also be a source of chemical contaminants to compost. Bins that are made of vinyl-coated polyester are often puncture resistant as well as mildew resistant. While this material allows airflow through the sides of the bins, the solid lids are windproof. Each bin comes with four stakes for anchoring it in order to prevent strong winds from blowing it over. Overall, these compost bins can easily withstand inclement weather and survive for long periods outdoors.

Bins Designed to Produce Good Compost
The design of a compost bin can affect its ability to turn organic waste into organic fertilizer. Consider a round composting bin for your yard. Unlike square and rectangular bins, round models do not have cold corners where organic matter can rot rather than decompose into compost. In addition, it is easier to mix compost in round bins. The brand's pop-up bins have a collapsible design that makes them easy to set up and fold away.

Some of these bins have an open-bottom design. This ensures that worms and microbes can get inside while keeping away insects and pests. The mesh walls speed up the composting process by allowing optimal airflow. With air flowing through the fabric of these bins, there is no need to introduce air by removing their lids.

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