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Accent chairs provide additional seating in home and office spaces. A Flash Furniture accent chair adds a pop of color, professional seating options besides desks, and comfortable choices for waiting and reception areas. Staples® carries several styles of accent chairs with different features that match the style in most homes and businesses.

Choosing a Flash Furniture Accent Chair Style
There are different styles of accent chairs that complement certain decorating styles. Casual options feature soft fabrics and medium to light wood frames that offer comfort and a laid back style. Contemporary models have clean lines in simple materials, with lighter woods, chrome, nickel and stainless steel being the most common choices. These pieces have predominantly neutral colors with bold accents, making them a good choice for areas requiring more visual interest.

There are retro pieces with rounded designs that pair with vintage decor. These options feature hues ranging from bright to neutral to black, providing models that fit with any new or existing color scheme. Traditional chairs come with darker wood frames and upholstery that pair with professional, industrial, and mid-century modern locations.

Consider the Features of Flash Furniture Accent Chairs
Accent chairs come with different features that affect their comfort and usability in the home and office. Models with wheels let users maneuver them into any configuration when hosting large meetings. Wheels also make it simple for guests to scoot closer to desks and tables to fill out paperwork. Armless products take up less space, maximizing the number of seats available in the room. Accent chairs with arms provide support for the forearms and shoulders, reducing fatigue when sitting for long periods. Sled bases ensure a sturdy seat that reduces the risk of tips and falls. Consider a big and tall Flash Furniture chair that supports up to 500 pounds for additional safety and comfort for guests of all sizes.

What Are the Upholstery Options for Flash Furniture Accent Chairs?
Accent chairs with leather upholstery are soft to the touch and add a professional feel to any office. Models with wool upholstery soften the look of the space and add texture. Vinyl options stand up to heavy traffic without cracking or ripping. There are plastic and acrylic models that eliminate the need for special cleaning supplies to maintain their look.

Are There Any Specialty Options Available on Flash Furniture Chairs?
Flash Furniture offers chairs with tilt lock mechanisms that let users select a comfortable reclining position. Models with separate ottomans provide support for the lower legs and ankles and minimize pressure on the thighs for improved blood flow. Stacking chairs maximize storage space and simplify the cleaning process in large rooms. Consider stacking models for conference rooms, banquet halls, and other areas where seating needs change frequently.

What Are the Maintenance Requirements for Flash Furniture Accent Chairs?
Maintain the look and feel of leather upholstery by using conditioners and cleaners recommended by the manufacturer. Vinyl, plastic, and acrylic options wipe down easily with a damp cloth. Mild detergents and a soft cloth remove most drips and spills from heavy-duty fabrics. Wool upholstery may require dry cleaning per the manufacturer's instructions.