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Flavored Water

Flavored water adds desirable tastes to plain water. Doing this makes water palatable and can help people who avoid bottled water because of its tastelessness, increase their daily water intake. While flavoring water is as easy as infusing it with fruits at home, many brands offer a wider variety of flavors and ensure that improving the taste of water comes with little to no calories while still offering many health benefits.

Flavored Water Makes Everything More Tasty
Not everyone likes the taste of regular water, even when it is tasteless. For such people, making water tasty is necessary to keep themselves hydrated. Besides adding tastes to plain water, flavoring can also mask subtle but unpalatable water tastes. Tap water has a chemical taste that those with highly sensitive taste buds can detect. In the same way, bottled water can pick up unwanted plastic or metallic tastes from the container holding it. To avoid developing a distaste for these sources of clean water, it is best to modify their tastes with a little flavor.

Most flavored bottled water uses natural flavoring agents. For many of them, the flavors come from fruits. The most commonly used fruit flavors are those of lemon, lime, berries, watermelon, peach, apple and cucumber. Fruit water is not the same as sweet water. Flavoring water with fruit is not as simple as adding fruit juices to them. The goal of fruit-flavored water is not to make water sweet but to add a subtle hint of the fruit flavor to its taste profile. Besides fruits, herb extracts are also popular water flavors. Commonly used herbs include cinnamon, mint, cayenne and vanilla.

Get Healthier with Flavored Water
Add to your cold and flu supplies by drinking more flavored water. While a soft drink is a carbonated water solution with sweeteners, flavoring and coloring mixed in, flavored bottled water has far fewer ingredients and makes a healthier alternative. Flavored bottled water only contains a dash of natural fruit or herb flavor but this small quantity adds up quickly for those that drink a lot of water. First, plain water infused with natural flavors can help people kick their unhealthy soda habits. Since fruit water contains a lot less sugar than sodas, they are a far healthier choice.

Secondly, the natural flavor used to change the taste of water can also be beneficial. Coconut water and fruits like lemon can double as important sources of vitamin C, a micronutrient that boosts the body's immunity. Vanilla soothes stomach upsets, just as mint is also good for digestive health.

Choosing the Right Flavored Water
There are many brands of flavored bottled water. The most popular ones include Hint, MiO and Glaceau. These brands offer a wide selection of fruit-infused bottled water that are available in two broad categories: flavored plain water and flavored fizzy water. The latter is sparkling water infused with natural fruit flavors. It is best for those that prefer bubbly, carbonated water over regular, flat water.

Besides picking between plain and fizzy water, note the ingredients added to flavored bottled water before buying them. Make sure that they are only natural ingredients unless you prefer the taste of low-caloric artificial sweeteners. Finally, ensure that that the bottled water has no added sugar or extra calories.
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