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Flexrake Axes, Hatchets & Picks

While Flexrake is popular for its line of rakes, it also manufactures other lawn and garden tools as well as dog cleanup products. The brand's focus is on tools used for cutting, digging, cultivating, weeding and cleaning home gardens, yards and lawns. It is also home to a few sub-brands that carry classic gardening tools and dog scoops as well as weeders and cultivators.

Finding the Right Rakes to Sweep Yards, Lawns and Gardens
This leading gardening brand offers a wide selection of rakes designed for specific purposes ranging from sweeping garden floors to dethatching lawns and weeding yards. These well-built tools come in varying lengths and usually have metal, steel, reinforced bamboo or polymer plastic heads with sturdy tines and handles made of wood or a custom resin material known as AlumiLite. While wood gives rakes a traditional look and has a solid heft, AlumiLite is made from lightweight and durable aluminum wrapped in heavy-gauge UV-protected vinyl sheet.

Depending on the design and materials of their heads, these all-season rakes can sweep leaves, pine needles and other debris from lawns, yards and garden floors. The product lineup also includes landscape rakes. Unlike the fanned head designs of traditional rakes, these have broad heads with short tines meant to sweep large areas at once.

Choosing from a Wide Selection of Flexrake Garden Hand Tools
In addition to rakes, the gardening brand also makes a number of classic and modern hand tools for gardeners and homeowners. The selection of classic garden tools ranges from handheld hoes and tillers shaped like hatchets to gardening gift sets and leather holsters for hand tools. These traditional tools are made of woods like oak as well heavy-gauge steel. They also boast solid hefts with designs meant to be familiar to veteran gardeners.

Some of the heavy-duty long-handled garden tools available from this company include spades, shovels, digging forks, bow rakes and garden hoes as well as planters and cultivators with heads that make them effective substitutes for axes and diggers. The lineup also includes short-handled tools like trowels, transplanters and bulb planters. Some of these use other materials besides wood and steel such as aluminum and powder-coated metal to make the lightweight and durable.

Tending Gardens with Shears, Weeders and Cultivators
The brand's series of pruning and cutting tools includes a rich selection of grass and hedge shears as well as loppers and pruning saws. On one end of this range of hand tools, there are palm-sized shears, while long-handled pruners and saws occupy the other end of the range. The shears have sharp, short and durable blades, while the saws have serrated edges. The former are suitable for deadheading flowers and trimming grasses. The latter include pocket pruning knives with blades that fold into their handles as well as long saws for cutting trees.

Sized between the shears and saws are the loppers. These have short blades like shears coupled with long handles made of wood, steel or anodized aluminum. Beyond shears and saws, the gardening company's selection of weeders and cultivators includes tools adapted from other lines. While some of them look like custom rakes, others resemble hatchets and digging forks. These are for preparing garden beds and yard soils for the planting season.

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Flexrake 525 14" Mattock Style Serrated Pick
Item : 1261767 / Model : 13100003
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  • Product Type: Mattock Pick
  • Handle Material: Steel
  • Head Material: Steel
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