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Flowers are a simple and classic way to add charm and a touch of natural beauty to your home, business, or storefront. With seed mixtures and soil mix, planting a lovely assortment of colorful wildflowers is convenient, quick, and easy.

Beauty and Variety
Decor doesn't stop at the door of your home, business, or retail location. Classic, bright, and welcoming, flowers are the perfect way to add color, texture, and cheer to any outdoor space. A natural variety of colorful flowers will catch the eye of customers, neighbors, and passers-by. Avoid monotonous decorative features with flower seed mixes containing an assortment of pre-mixed, carefully selected flower breeds, providing easy and built-in diversity of color and shape.

Flowers can be used in a wide variety of plant containers in different sizes, colors, and styles. Choose pots, urns, window boxes, or hanging baskets to complement the architecture and decor of your home or business. Position planters to create a focal point, beautify an outdoor staircase, frame an entrance or walkway, or add color and brightness to a sitting area. Clusters of potted flowers can beautify or mask unsightly outdoor fixtures like hoses or ducts.

Ease of Use
Take the labor and guesswork out of gardening with a blended mix of flower seeds. No plotting rows, planning color groups, or gauging different flower heights. No fertilizer or fuss is needed; simply plant, and wait for a beautiful assortment of flowers to grow. Seed mixes are the complete package, containing not only seeds but also soil, fertilizer, and moisture boosters to ensure healthy growth without added feeding. Supplementary soil mixes help fill large planters or deep pots with lightweight, moisture-retaining, fertilized soil perfect for no-fuss flowers.

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X-Seed X-Pand 1 lbs. Low Grow Wildflower Seed Mixture
Item: 1258293 / Model : 13703822
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  • Mixture of seed, soil, fertilizer and moisture boost plus crystals
  • Weight: 1 lbs.
  • Flowers grow upto 18" to 24" height
15.49 $15.49
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X-Seed X-Pand 2.5 lbs. Instant Planter Soil Mix
Item: 1258296 / Model : 13702659
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  • Expands to fill one or two 2" planters
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs.
  • Moisture boost plus holds water 50% better than ordinary soil
12.39 $12.39