Foreign Language Books

Incorporate foreign language books and workbooks into your curriculum to engage young learners. Books from On The Mark Press and Newmark Learning offer age-appropriate lessons in foreign languages. Help kids learn Spanish, French, or English as a second language with fun readings and exercises.

Basic Skills
Foreign language books that introduce basic vocabulary and grammar skills to beginning learners establish a solid foundation for later fluency. Easy workbooks reinforce basic concepts, let kids assess their own knowledge, and help children start speaking a new language with confidence. Books with accompanying CDs let children hear the words and sentences spoken by native speakers while they read along with the text on the page, making it simple to practice listening and speaking skills while simultaneously improving their reading abilities.

Exciting Alternatives
Make learning a new language more exciting with foreign language books that include songs kids can sing alone or in a group. Math, social studies, and science lessons in the target language help create a more comprehensive curriculum and expand a child's vocabulary in specific subjects. Keep your in-class library stocked with a variety of ESL and ELL resource books, foreign language dictionaries, and fun language workbooks to encourage language exploration during free time in the classroom.

Comprehensive Sets
Reinforcing concepts at home can help kids remember foreign words and grammar learned at school, and comprehensive sets that include a series of increasingly complex foreign language books and workbooks give you a way to monitor progress outside of school. Sets also let children enhance both fiction and nonfiction reading comprehension in the new language, which prepares kids for reading a variety of real-world materials as their language skills grow.

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