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Gardeneer Insect Control

Gardeners from beginners to advanced need to have tools to keep their plants safe as well as ways to keep away flying pests. With unique scarecrows, bird repellents and insect controls, gardeners can keep their plants healthy. Staples carries a range of garden protection products, including Gardeneer insect control and bird control items.

Keep Plants Safe From Birds
Birds cause damage to plants quickly and can do so in an afternoon; they pick berry bushes apart, devour fruits before gardeners have time to pick them and eat necessary bugs like honey bees, preventing plants from pollinating properly. Some birds nibble on fruits, leaving a half-eaten crop behind. Use helpful tools such as inflatable snakes and other kinds of scarecrow options to keep birds at bay without causing them any harm.

Some Gardeneer insect control options work on birds too, and products such as inflatable snakes or realistic plastic owls are placed in bushes and around plants, keeping birds, small rodents and other pests at a distance, as they fear their natural predators.

The right kind of scarecrow can work wonders; an inflatable snake can reduce fruit tree and vegetable crop losses by up to half. Dalen products such as bird-scaring balloons, which are widely used in orchards and commercial agriculture, and holographic scare tape that reflects the sun, keep birds away while being safe and humane.

Protect Plants from Bugs with an Insect Repellent Net
An insect repellent is a lifesaver when bugs are damaging plants. With Gardeneer insect control options, bugs are kept away from plants with humane netting. No pesticides are needed; draping a tightly knit net over crops is a quick and easy way to control bugs and prevent them from munching on plants.

Another helpful tool is garden staples. After cutting the netting to cover a section of plants, use the garden staples to hold it in place. This prevents the netting from moving and exposing the plants, even if there's a storm or a windy day. As an added benefit, some types of netting also protect plants against frost, keeping them warmer on chilly spring or fall mornings or evenings.

Trap Flying Bugs to Prevent Stings and Damaged Plants
When the growing season comes to a head and begins to wane, flying insects may become overwhelming and even burrow into fruits or vegetables. Gardeners may catch them in traps instead of using sprays when they want to opt for chemical-free methods and minimize the risk of stings or bites. Some kinds of insect traps are completely humane; they give gardeners the option of releasing the insects again in a spot far away from their yard.

Other kinds of traps lure in insects with the smell of sugar or other alluring fragrances, drawing them away from plants and into a trap where they will die. To keep down the number of wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, beetles and other harmful or stinging insects, these traps are designed to hold them and eliminate them. Use them to make your gardening experience more pleasant and your yield better.
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Dalen Products NE-SR 6' Inflatable Snake
Item: 1262388 / Model : 13880364
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  • Product Type: Inflatable Garden Snake
  • Helps reduce fruit tree and vegetable crop losses by up to 50%
  • Realistic, 6' inflatable snake is especially effective against birds
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