Geriatric Seating

With geriatric seating, elderly patients sit and recline in safety and comfort in both clinical and recreational settings. User controls for caregivers are easy and efficient.

Convenient Use by Caregivers
Geriatric seating is easy to operate by attendants, nurses, family members, and medical professionals alike. Conveniently placed handles and smooth rotating casters make movement and change of direction easy, while clinical operation between recline angles is simple, with quick-release handles available. Allowing for the practicalities of elder care, geriatric seating is made of quality, wipe-clean materials and features removable parts for ease of maintenance.

Secure Clinical Application
Safety and security are critical when dealing with elderly patients in a health care environment, and geriatric seating features heavy-duty, top-quality construction for durability and reliability. Sturdy, lockable casters prevent patient drifting or loss of user control, while automated recline capability smoothly and securely transitions between an upright position and several angles, including full recline and the Trendelenburg position. This capability is ideal for clinical applications, such as checkups, the use of feeding tubes, dialysis, surgery recovery, and cardiac care.

Comfortable Patient Amenities
Patient comfort is a primary concern for any medical or elder care facility, and geriatric chairs and recliners have many amenities available to provide comfort and ease of use to elderly patients. Built-in padded headrests ensure neck support whether the patient is upright or reclined; wide, cushioned armrests comfortably accommodate a range of different positioning; and the patient's body is fully cushioned by heavy padding throughout. Chairs featuring full-recline and Trendelenburg position settings include a slight recline for relaxing or watching television; retractable, swing-out trays with specially molded cup recesses are ideal to secure beverages; and smooth surface upholstery is available in a selection of pleasing, soothing colors for patient enjoyment and coordination with facility decor.