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Finding the right adhesive is a big part of many school, work, and crafting tasks. Glue dots are a tidy, easy to use option. Adhesive dots stick to many different surfaces, minimizing the need for messy glue bottles and creating a smooth bond between surfaces. Check out Staples® listings to find glue dots, glue sticks, and super glue that are well-suited to any project.

Glue Dots Apply Easily and Without Mess
Adhesive circles save time when compared to other types of glue. Simply peel one glue dot off of the sheet and place it on a surface. It immediately bonds to whichever item you place on top of it, creating a secure seal. While liquid glue options take minutes or even hours to dry, adhesive dots do not need any time to set. This feature makes them convenient for time-sensitive projects.

Compare Glue Dots in a Variety of Sizes
Using the appropriate adhesive dot for every project makes it easy to use the proper amount for every project without any exposed adhesive. The smallest dots measure just 0.25 inches across. Mid-sized options are between 0.33 and 0.5 inches. Large glue circles have a diameter of 1 inch. Compare the thickness of each glue circle. The thinner a dot is, the easier it lies flat between two thin surfaces. Those working with heavier objects often need thicker dots. Low profile dots are 0.02 inches thick and high-profile dots are up to 0.13 inches thick.

Place Items Perfectly With Removable Glue Dots
Glue dots are the ideal solution for situations that involve removing and repositioning items. It’s easy to peel off an adhesive dot and re-position it. While dots are movable, they still create a secure bond between surfaces. They only separate from items with intentional force.

How Many Glue Dots Come in Each Roller?
While some glue circles come in boxes, most are attached to long rolls of paper. With a rolling applicator, it’s easy to apply multiple circles in a straight line. Small rollers, which are convenient for on-the-go use, have between 200 and 500 dots. Larger options include between 1,000 and 4,000 glue circles.

Which Materials Work Well With Glue Dots?
Although glue circles are small, they are durable enough to secure many surfaces and materials. Try these dots with paper, metal, glass, foam, and plastic. They’re an excellent option for scrapbooking and paper crafts since they lie flat between sheets of paper and photos. Another benefit of using adhesive circles with photos is the photo-safe glue used in many dot rollers.

Are Glue Dots Safe for Students?
Glue dot rollers are popular in classrooms across the country. They are much tidier than liquid glue and reduce the risk of unintentional spills. Brands use non-toxic glue in their adhesive dots, so students use these adhesives safely and without risk of skin irritation. Not only are small glue circles safe for students, they’re convenient for teachers. Many rollers have perforated sheets, giving teachers a simple way to hand out adhesive strips to all of their students. Add glue dots to your next office supplies or school supplies purchase.
Duck Poster Putty, Removable/Reusable, 2 oz. (PTY-2)Duck Poster Putty, Removable/Reusable, 2 oz. (PTY-2)
Item #385861
Model #PTY-2
  • Putty won't damage your walls and removes cleanly from a variety of surfaces
  • Removes cleanly without damaging
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Scotch® Adhesive Dot Roller, .31" x 49 ft., Red Dispenser (6055)Scotch® Adhesive Dot Roller, .31" x 49 ft., Red Dispenser (6055)
Item #331524
Model #6055
  • Fast and easy way to roll on double sided adhesive
  • .31" x 49 ft.
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Scotch® Adhesive Dot Roller Value Pack, 0.31" x 49', 4/Pack (6055BNS)Scotch® Adhesive Dot Roller Value Pack, 0.31" x 49', 4/Pack (6055BNS)
Item #333552
Model #6055BNS
  • Double sided adhesive dots
  • 0.31" x 49 ft., 4/Pack
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UHU Tac Removable Adhesive Putty, 2.12 Oz. (99683)
Item #568418
Model #99683
  • Adhesive putty is perfect for anchoring collectables on shelves, computer
  • Removes cleanly without damaging
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ArtSkills® Quick Stick Dots (PA-1278)
In store only
Item #927943
Model #PA-1278
  • Quick stick dots for instant bonding
  • 72 dots per pack
Pick up in 1 hour
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Dot N Go Removable Glue Dots, 3/8" Diameter, Green, 200 Dots/Dispenser, 6 Dispensers/Case (GD119)
Item #2301855
Model #GD119
  • Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive
  • 200 dots per dispenser, 6 dispensers per case (total 1,200 dots)
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Staples® Dot Shot® Pro Glue Dots Low Profile, High Tack
Item #667653
Model #GD103R
  • High tack glue dots ideal for use with Dot Shot Pro Dispenser Gun
  • 0.5"Dia. dots come in a pack of 1500 for convenient use
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Staples® Dot Shot® Pro Glue Dots Low Profile, Medium Tack
Item #667652
Model #GD102R
  • Medium tack glue dots for quick and precise application
  • Comes in a pack of 1500 for convenient use / Dimensions: 0.02"T x 0.5"Dia. (dots)
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Lanthum Products GekkoDots® Clear Reusable Adhesive Dot, 1"(Dia), 12/ST, 4 ST/BD
Item #139406
Model #LAN104
  • Color: Clear
  • Reusable adhesive dots for posting notes, photos, classroom cutouts, and other lightweight items to most smooth surfaces
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Glue Dots® Dot Shot® 1/4" Super High Tack Glue Dots, Low Profile, 3000/Case
Item #190914
Model #GD108SR
  • Low profile glue dots stick various items effectively
  • Case of 3000 dots / Dimensions: 0.02"T x 0.25"Dia.
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