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Hoffmaster Linen Like Guest Towel
Item #376472
Model #856520
  • Material: Paper
  • Type: Guest Towel
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Hoffmaster Natural Guest Towel
Item #957980
Model #856787
  • Material: Recycled Fiber
  • Type: Paper Towels
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Gold paper towels are also sometimes referred to as guest paper towels. Why? Because unlike traditional paper towels, they look and feel classy and elevated. If you’re having visitors come to the house, especially if it’s someone you’d like to impress, laying out these gold paper towels in their powder room will definitely send the message, “we’re glad you’re here.” Once you have some gold paper towels on hand, you’ll find more and more uses for them.

When regular white paper towels just won’t cut it.
Typical paper towels get the job done. They wipe up spills and clean up messes. But when you have special guests at home or at the office, gold paper towels can take things up a notch. Do you sometimes have client breakfast or lunch meetings at the office? Instead of regular paper towels, use some gold paper towels. Are you trying to land that next big account? Gold paper towels in the office lavatory add a touch of class. Is your mother-in-law coming to visit? Make sure you put out any linens she’s gifted you in the past, AND put some gold paper towels next to her sink.

It’s not just about the color gold.
These gold paper towels might not be what you’re expecting. Because if you’re picturing a roll of normal paper towels that just happen to be the color gold, that’s not what you’ll find here. These are large, thick, premium paper towels that look and feel more like linen. Your guests will have a hard time telling they are made from paper until they pick them up. Once you’ve folded them nicely by the sink, even you’ll have a hard time believing their paper.

Many designs.
Look for gold paper towels with intricate printed designs, and you’ll make even more of a statement.