Grade 1 Spelling & Vocabulary: Games & Learning Audiobook-Download

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About this product

Best selling spelling audiobook for this grade level!

Grade 1 Spelling & Vocabulary Audiobook has 30 weeks of spelling and vocabulary tests and prompts for children. The author, Peter Dublin, ED.D from Columbia, is an experienced teacher, tutor & educational software developer. Millions of copies sold. Use this title as a building block to do Grade 2 and 3 and beyond. Fun word games to entertain your children while they learn.

  • This audiobook makes it fun for your children to learn about spelling and vocabulary
  • Strategies to learn to spell, new words, and build upon their learning base as your child gets older
  • Seeing words so you can spell them well
  • How to use repetition to help
  • Various word games to make it all fun
  • Weekly practice tests for a year of school
  • Core words for this grade
  • Developed by a long time teacher, educator, and EDD
  • Many other tips
  • 3 levels of difficulty so your children can proceed at their own pace