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Grade Books and Lesson Plans

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Grade BooksLesson PlannersSeating Charts

Keep efficient, detailed track of student progress by choosing from an assortment of grade books and teaching charts. Detailed accounting of day-to-day attendance and evaluations is essential for efficient teaching. Use seating charts to monitor and adjust classroom behavior and interactions.

Efficient tracking of student progress and lessons enhances the manner in which you calibrate lessons according to the needs of the students. Choose from various grade books and daily record books to monitor student development and adjust your lessons as needed. Color and style options make it easy to keep records according to subject matter or class. Set your daily schedule, keep grade records, take attendance, and choose the number of weeks needed for the year or semester from the many options of grade book formats.

Teaching planners help you confidently set up lessons suited to your particular needs. Whether you divide lesson plans into individual periods or device strategies for the day, week, semester, or whole year, planners allow you to individualize lessons and schedules. The versatile format also allows room for adjustments depending on circumstances and individual class development. To keep periods or topics organized, choose desktop teacher organizers in your choice of colors and styles for easy access to individual books. Add labels to the planners for easier and more efficient organization of your books.

Seating charts allow you to keep track of student interaction and study or work groups to create the most efficient and productive environment, allowing you to pair or group students according to their needs. Seating charts can also help you learn student names at the beginning of the school year.