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H&R Block tax software makes it easy for individuals and companies to prepare and file their own tax return each year. It comes in several configurations designed to meet the needs of various users. Advanced features help safeguard against misinformation and offer sound advice for specific situations. Staples carries several versions of the computer software in both boxed and downloadable versions, as well as a wide selection of office supplies.

Choose the Right H&R Block Software Edition
Everyone's tax requirements differ based on their life situations. Choosing the appropriate H&R Block software is essential to ensure that you prepare your taxes correctly. Choose Basic or Deluxe editions if you're filing a 1099 tax form or 1040A with little or no deductions. The Premium version features help if you're self-employed or own rental property, while the Premium and Business edition aids small business owners with the appropriate tax forms.

The main difference between the editions is the number of features each one comes with. All versions come with the ability to import your previous year's returns, W-2 tax forms, and 1099 forms. They also provide a Schedule A form for itemizing deductions and the Accuracy Review service which helps minimize the chance of an audit. More advanced versions come with a guarantee that the company will stand behind the taxpayer in the event of an audit.

Enjoy Free Filing Services
With H&R Block software, individuals and businesses can file federal returns for free. State returns, for those who require it, cost additional, but the tax software comes with the bundle and includes a single state without any additional costs. This service is not available in the Basic Edition, only the Deluxe, Premium, and Premium and Business versions.

What Is the Benefit to Using H&R Block Tax Software?
Since it's created by the popular tax company, the questions are formulated to ensure that users get the maximum return allowable under the tax brackets and federal laws. Those who purchase the correct edition for their needs will have most, if not all, of the necessary forms they need to allocate for deductions and exemptions. Additionally, you get the benefit of having the expertise and explanations for each question at your fingertips to make the process smoother. If you need further help, you can use the live online answer service or call customer service for more in-depth tax information.

Is H&R Block Software Compatible With Other Tax Programs?
If you've previously used a different software, such as Quicken or TurboTax Software, you can rest assured that you can easily use the import tool to recover prior years information. Even if you start with those programs and change to H&R Block in the midst of preparing your forms, your information is safe. Simply follow the instructions and prompts to get started.

Is the Software Compatible With Mac OS?
Yes, depending on the version you choose, whether it's a boxed set or download, you can find each edition available for both Microsoft and Mac operating systems. Be sure to review the specs to make sure you have the most up-to-date system requirements to effectively run the software. All of the same features are available in both editions.