HP Fax Machines

The use of fax machines has reduced in the last two decades with the rise of internet-based messaging. However, the HP fax machine has remained relevant over time. Fax messaging is still one of the most secure ways of sending official documents compared to postal mail or even email. Different companies are still manufacturing fax machines to serve this market. Browse through the printer ink and toner cartridge finder at Staples to find a quality ink or toner for HP fax machines.

Printing features of modern fax machines
Whether receiving or sending a fax, functional ink cartridges work best. When a fax message goes out successfully, the HP fax machine prints out a report showing the sender and the status of the message. For the receiver, there is a choice of either saving the document as a PDF or image, but one can also decide to print it out. This printing requires ink. Always check your ink levels regularly to ensure proper printing of incoming faxes. 

There are some versions of fax machines that don't require the use of a printer and instead use rolls of paper. These require a thermal method of printing and not an ink cartridge. 

Ink cartridges for HP fax machines perform in the same manner as with ordinary printers. A fax machine receives instructions to print from a telephone or internet connection just as a printer receives orders from a computer.

Choosing the right ink cartridge for an HP fax machine
Check and confirm the printer and cartridge numbers to ensure purchase of the correct replacements. Buy genuine parts from either the manufacturer or certified sellers. This limits the opportunity of operating with inks that may not give quality prints. Each HP fax machine has different specifications. Check the proper identification of the model number before buying ink cartridges.

Are all HP fax ink cartridges standardized?
Each HP fax machine model uses an allocated cartridge model. Some cartridges are usable in different fax models. This is also the case with most HP printers, which use different models of ink or toner cartridges. Find the correct ink cartridges for your HP fax machine by browsing Staples ink and toner cartridge finder. 

What is the yield rate for HP fax machine cartridges?
Standard-yield cartridges may print anything from 500 to 1,000 pages in black, while high-yield ink cartrdiges may produce up to 1,200 in black. High-yield cartridges display the model number followed by XL on the packaging.

Are supplies for HP fax machines easily available?
Although the use of fax machines has reduced over time, the supplies are readily available. These include ink and toner cartridges, printing paper, and automatic feeder trays. Depending on the HP fax machine model or fax-capable HP printer model, there are a variety of supplies and parts that are compatible.

Can HP fax machines print in color?
Fax machines originally printed in black and white only. However, in time, fax machines have evolved to use color. It's possible to get ink of different colors when users need to print diagrams and infographics.