Door Hardware

With these door hardware products, you can mount your doors safely and ensure a tight closure. Whether you're installing new doors or reinforcing existing doors, new hardware can boost security. Choose from products such as bolts, door stops, and door strikes.

Sturdy Construction
Each of these door hardware options is manufactured from sturdy and durable materials that are designed to last. Choose heavyweight hinges to keep doors hanging evenly in high-traffic areas. To protect the walls from holes or nicks, install a door stop. Many items are made from thick steel and finished with rust-resistant coatings that enable your doors to open and close without sticking.

Convenient Installation
Each of these door hardware products comes with pre-drilled mounting holes for fast installation. Many products come with all the necessary screws and bolts, so you don't have to hunt for the correct sizes. Just use a basic tool set to mount the hardware on a wall or door.

High Security
With door locks and latches, you can enjoy peace of mind in your home or office. Choose electronic door locks for businesses and rooms that require extra safety. For maximum security, opt for a lock that uses biometric technology to prevent unauthorized access. Stay safe inside the house by installing a bolt or latch that releases quickly when you're ready to leave.

Sleek Styling
Choose from a variety of hardware styles to create a unified look in your home or office. For an understated design, select a basic steel option in a brushed nickel finish. Many items come in both goldtone and silvertone finishes, so you can choose the option that best complements your decor.