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Tempur-Pedic® Optional Headrest
Item #591654
Model #HRAP99
  • Pairs with TP9000 SKUs: 324021 - Black 783301 - Navy 783315 - Grey 783328 - Olive 788341 - Burgundy 783367 - Beige
  • Headrest only
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Eurotech iOO Ergonomic Mesh Headrest, Black (Headrest Only)Eurotech iOO Ergonomic Mesh Headrest, Black (Headrest Only)
Item #1690501
  • Black color
  • Mesh upholstery for breathability and comfort
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Eurotech iOO Ergonomic Mesh Chair Headrest, White (IOO-HDRWHT)Eurotech iOO Ergonomic Mesh Chair Headrest, White (IOO-HDRWHT)
Item #1690502
  • Headrest only. Chair sold separately
  • Black mesh upholstery with white frame for breathability and comfort
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HON® Endorse Mesh Headrest, Adjustable Height, Black (HONLMSHHRIM)HON® Endorse Mesh Headrest, Adjustable Height, Black (HONLMSHHRIM)
Item #1065122
  • Chair Accessory Type: Adjustable Headrest
  • Overall Dimensions: 11.75"H x 11.5"W x 4.0"D
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Productive work days begin with a comfortable office chair. Headrests on office chairs help provide support to users' heads and necks and can improve comfort when sitting for long periods. Staples® has a large selection of chairs, chair accessories, and office seating solutions.

Office Chair Headrests to Suits Specific Needs
Look for a headrest designed to fit your office chair. Keep in mind that most are not universal. Top brands such as Tempur-Pedic®, Eurotech, and Lorell offer products specifically designed to work with their office chair models, ensuring a perfect fit. Once users find the right model, they choose between padded or mesh designs. Padded models offer cushioned comfort and soft fabric upholstery. Mesh is stiff and provides excellent support. Mesh is also breathable and easy to clean.

Other Features to Consider With Chair Headrests
Molds from the majority of chair headrests come from hard plastic, which is both durable and lightweight. Get a product with metal attachment hardware for a headrest that will last a long time. Many products offer height adjustment, which makes office chairs more versatile, providing support for a wider variety of users. Some also allow users to adjust the angle, which helps align the head and neck for personal comfort. Choose from black, blue, white, or gray options, colors that match most office chairs.

Do Chair Headrests Offer Ergonomic Benefits?
When sitting for long periods, it is essential to support the head and neck. People who work on computers have a tendency to hunch forward, which causes stress and discomfort in the neck and shoulders. A headrest is a reminder to sit straight and keep the head level. Typically, these office chair accessories sit slightly forward of the chair back to meet the natural resting position of the cranium and at a slight angle to match the curve of the neck. Most headrests are concave to hold users' heads comfortably. However, some models sit at the base of the skull, and these types have a convex shape.

How Do You Install Office Chair Headrests?
Installation is slightly different for every brand, so carefully read the manufacturer's instructions. Most models have short metal or plastic necks with hardware at the bottoms that attach to the backrests of the chairs. Typically, office chair headrests attach easily with a couple of standard screws. A Phillips screwdriver is ideal, as no specialty tools are necessary. After attaching the accessory, users can adjust them to the right height and angle. Some adjustable headrests feature locking mechanisms to keep the adjustments in place, which may loosen over time. It's a good idea to check the height and angle once in a while to ensure the chair accessory is providing the correct support.

How Do You Clean Headrests?
A headrest is quite simple to maintain. Care for one just as you would the chair itself. Dust or wipe down a mesh model with a damp cloth. Treat a padded headrest with a stain guard. To remove spills or grease from the fabric upholstery, use a small amount of soapy water and blot dry with a towel.