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Home-it Step Stools & Ladders

Step stools help increase height, giving users the additional reach they need to access dishes or supplies in cabinets or on shelves. Brands like Home-It create a variety of models for children and adults alike, with durable designs that stand up to everyday use. They're smaller than ladders and often more portable, making them a good addition to a home or office. Shoppers at Staples can find a number of units to choose from for multiple environments.

Choose From Several Configurations
Some step stools have a collapsible design that makes them easy to store away when not in use but provides a sturdy stepping surface when open. They open easily with a flip-out motion and have a prominent handle that makes them ideal for transporting. Steps that lock into place offer additional security, while a handle improves balance and stability.

Shoppers can find models made from multiple materials including thick plastic, sturdy vinyl and solid wood. Some have a single step while others have two or more for added versatility in the home or workplace. Single step units, particularly those for children, add elevation, making it easy for toddlers and preschoolers to reach the sink to wash their hands or brush their teeth. Those with multiple steps come in handy when doing home improvement projects such as painting or dusting corners.

Consider Weight Capacity
Most units come with a recommended weight capacity, or duty rating, that determines how much weight the unit can withstand. Children's step stools can usually support up to 250 pounds, while those meant for adult use range up to 1,000 pounds, depending on the materials they're made with. Those meant for the workplace often hold even more. Shoppers should ensure that the model they choose can support the weight of the intended user.

What Are Some Important Step Stool Features?
There are several features to consider, including added safety measures. Many have steps with a groove or textured dots, while others have a rubber base, all of which help eliminate slippage. Locking mechanisms help keep the frame secure, preventing accidental collapse during use. Flip-out designs, particularly those meant for children, have locking corners, but adult supervision is always recommended.

How Do You Choose the Right Size Step Stool?
Before purchasing any unit, it's important to consider its intended purpose. If you're using it to reach higher up cabinets, then a model with two or more steps is likely to be more beneficial than a single step model, though this may vary depending on your starting height. If you're buying for a child, then a unit with a single step is more appropriate, particularly to keep curious climbers at bay.

Why is a Duty Rating Important?
Duty ratings help determine the maximum weight a step stool can support at any given time. This is important to help eliminate the risk of the stool collapsing and potentially causing injury.

Step stools come in all sizes with multiple colors and configurations to choose from. Find a model from popular brands such as Home-It and Rubbermaid, and get the reach you need to complete your projects today.
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Home-it 1-Step Step Stool; White
Item : WYF078277928132
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