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Hospital Specialty Maxi Pads

It's easy to keep homes, schools and office restrooms stocked with feminine care products from Hospital Specialty Company and other quality brands. Maintaining a regular stock of health care products ensures guests, employees and students always have access to essential supplies. Staples carries several styles of maxi pads and tampons that are safe and economical for businesses large and small.

Hospital Specialty Products Handle a Range of Feminine Hygiene Needs
Feminine care items are a necessity for many women, so most medical offices, health rooms and restaurants keep a range of products on hand as a courtesy to their employees, patients and customers. Many come individually wrapped for convenient vending and discreet disposal of used materials. Whether you're shopping for bulk quantities for an emergency kit, care package or business, products are available in single packages and bulk packs ranging from 10 per box up to 600 per case, so supplies never run out.

Maxi Pads Available in Several Absorbency Levels
Choose from a variety of pads, liners and other sanitary supplies that offer excellent absorbency for days with heavy menstrual flow and lighter days as well. Some styles feature wings that provide wrap-around protection to prevent side leakage and stained clothing.

Regular pads offer solid overall protection for light and medium flow days. Thicker styles, many sold as overnight pads, are suited for days with heavy flow and at bedtime, many feature a larger coverage area for a comfortable and secure fit.

Maternity pads are a specialty product typically found in hospitals, offering enhanced protection for heavier post-partum blood flow. Many feature an adhesive-free design that is worn with a belt so new mothers can wear them with or without undergarments to reduce chafing and bunching as delicate tissues heal.

Dispensers and Disposal Bags Offer Additional Convenience
Businesses looking to provide easy access to supplies can install feminine product vending machines in common restrooms. Coin-operated machines can be configured to dispense items at a small cost or for free, saving users from embarrassment when asking a manager or nurse for pads or tampons. Some companies also offer paper disposal bags and wall-mounted waste receptacles in bathroom stalls for clean and simple disposal of used products.

Are Maxi Pads Flushable?
Most major brands of pads are not designed to be flushed, as the layers of absorbent material can accumulate and clog in pipes or septic systems. Select brands made with plant-based materials are said to be biodegradable and flushable. However, users should take care to ensure materials are compatible with plumbing systems.

How Often Should Pads be Changed?
It's up to individual comfort levels and cleanliness for most wearers. Depending on how heavy daily flow is, pads may need to be changed every few hours, while on lighter days, some people find they can go six to eight hours between changes.

Can Pads be Worn While Swimming?
Many women prefer to wear a tampon or menstrual cup while swimming or at the beach, although this option may not work for every user. Some styles of pads can be worn comfortably while hanging out by the poolside and there are also specialty garments on the market that help pads stay in place and prevent leakage while in the water.
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Hospital Specialty Company Sanitary Pads with Adhesives, 8" L, 288/Pack
Item : 110881 / Model : HSPMT48044
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  • 8" L
  • Sanitary Pad Type
  • Latex-free
36.99 $36.99
Hospital Specialty #4 Gards Maxi Pad, 250/Ctn
Item : 507620 / Model : HOS4147
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  • 1 pad per 4" box
  • 250 individually boxed napkins/carton
  • With multi-channels for enhanced performance
48.49 $48.49