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Sentry® Safe Fire-Safe® 5.8 Cubic Ft. Capacity Digital Security Safe with Premier Delivery
Item #520579
Model #S8771WG
  • 1-hr UL fire rated to protect documents and valuables
  • Electronic keypad with key lock
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Sentry® .4 Cubic Ft. Hotel Security SafeSentry® .4 Cubic Ft. Hotel Security Safe
Out of Stock
Item #332845
Model #H060ES
  • Reprogrammable electronic lock with key pad or card swipe reader
  • .4 cubic feet capacity
Sentry® Safe Fire-Safe® Digital Security, 4.6 Cubic Ft.Sentry® Safe Fire-Safe® Digital Security, 4.6 Cubic Ft.
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Item #520577
Model #S7771WG
  • 1-HR UL fire rated to protect documents and valuables
  • Electronic keypad with key lock
Hotel security safes let guests store valuables and important documents while staying at an establishment, reducing the chances of loss or theft. From safes designed for keeping money, passports, and jewelry safe to larger styles for laptops and cameras, Staples® carries a range of office supplies and fireproof safes that meet the needs of most hotels.

Choosing the Right Size Hotel Security Safe
Waterproof safes
come in a variety of sizes that affect their capacity and how well they can be hidden. A 0.4-cubic-foot model has a small footprint that lets hoteliers hide it behind pictures or concealed locations for added security. These styles hold jewelry, credit cards, passports, and other small items. Many safes in the 1.2 to 2.0 cubic feet range provide enough space for storing laptops, tablets, and other large items. Gun safes up to 3.0 cubic feet provide adequate space for multiple items and a laptop and are light enough for hotel employees to relocate whenever needed.

Locking Mechanisms on Hotel Security Safes
Many hotel safes feature electronic locking devices that require a particular PIN or key card to open. Some of these units include a master non-resident code, making sure hotel staff can access the contents if a guest forgets their personal PIN. Models with code-to-close technology require guests to enter their codes before closing. This ensures the next guest can get into the safe and reduces management and staff calls to the room for opening with the master code. Devices with light-up keypads improve visibility in darker areas and help users see the numbers as they enter them. Some models include a separate handheld device that provides audits of previous PINs and openings. This device also requires a password for added protection.

How Do You Improve the Protection of Hotel Security Safes?
The smaller size of portable safes means the easier they are to carry. Provide additional protection for guests' valuables by bolting the safe into a location. Consider models with shutdown features that limit the number of tries a person has to enter the correct code. Units with padded or lined interiors protect valuables from scratches and dings. Drop resistant models prevent damage to the contents if the safe is dropped.

Are Hotel Security Safes Usable in Other Locations?
Small, streamlined safes work well anywhere that requires security for important documents and valuables. Homeowners can use hotel safes in closets and hidden, wall-mounted setups. Hotel safes work well in dorm rooms, providing students with a convenient location for money, tablets, and important paperwork when they're in class or spending time with friends.

Are There Hotel Security Safes That Don't Require a Key?
Biometric safes feature scanners that read fingerprints for unlocking. These styles require users to scan their fingerprints and enter the correct code when opening. This protects against theft and ensures that the contents are safe if someone finds or guesses the code. Some of these models do include a master key for resetting the device for new users or when the person who set it up is no longer available to unlock the unit.