Household Batteries

Keep your devices running uninterrupted with these convenient household batteries. They come in a variety of sizes and voltages, so you'll find the perfect battery for any situation. Choose batteries from trusted manufacturers such as Duracell, Energizer, and Lenmar.

Convenient Options
For small devices and general-purpose use, choose AA or AAA household batteries. To keep your cameras operating at an optimal level, select lithium-ion or photo batteries. You'll also find small batteries for watches and 9V batteries for larger devices. Many are designed for specific items, such as universal remote controls and cordless drills, ensuring efficient performance.

Easy Installation
Don't worry about complicated installation procedures — these batteries pop into your device quickly. Many models have distinctive mounting ends, so you can attach them without instructions. Whether you change batteries occasionally or on a regular basis, the convenient designs make the process quick and painless. When you are charging larger or more complex devices, get to the battery bay in seconds using a convenient tool set.

Safe Construction
Each of these household batteries is manufactured with a protective outer casing that prevents it from being damaged when dropped. The casing keeps all chemicals inside, making the batteries safe to handle. Each battery is easy to store between uses, so you can keep a convenient supply on hand at all times.

Most batteries are rechargeable, so you can use them for numerous full charges between replacement. You can also make the charging process faster and more efficient by using a convenient plug-in battery charger for a number of devices. Many models have an extended lifetime, so you can use your electronics for longer periods of time without worrying about them dying on you.