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Protect shallow and deep wounds at all stages of healing against infection and the elements with hydrocolloid dressings, and ensure the least amount of trauma during dressing removal. Choose a variety of dressings for any number of possible wounds.

Absorbs Odors
Odor-absorbent hydrocolloid dressings absorb odors with cyclodextrin, the main component of products like Febreze. Cyclodextrin remains activated despite wound protein, a concern with wound dressings containing alternative odor-absorbent components. These particular dressings are best for shallow wounds: leg ulcers, donor sites, first and second degree burns, and lacerations. They are latex-free, sterile, manage drainage 3, and have a change frequency up to seven days.

Leaves Little Residue
Low-residue, occlusive hydrocolloid dressings have an air- and water-tight gel seal. Intended for the short term care of large wounds, this outer seal traps exudation (puss) within and around the wound, which speeds up autolytic debridement, or the liquefying of hard, dead tissue. At the same time, this aids in the growth of new tissue. The soft gel seal eases removal of the dressings and simplifies cleaning, so that changing dressings is quick, tidy, and painless. Low-residue, occlusive hydrocolloid dressings are available in sterile, latex-free varieties for all stages of wounds.

Stretches for a Secure Fit
Stretchy hydrocolloid dressings are thin and conform to the shape of any surface. This convenient feature heightens their usefulness when a wounded knee, shoulder cap, wrist, or distended body part requires dressings. Though they have a change frequency up to 7 days and encourage autolytic debridement, they are best for light, minimally exuding flesh wounds. Stretchy hydrocolloid dressings are designated for all stages of wounds and are sterile and latex-free.

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