Index Cards

Index cards are a valuable organizational tool in schools, homes and offices. Their small size offers superior portability for quick reference of important information that easily stores away in a bin, backpack or pocket.

In addition to Staples' brand of products, there are many quality cards and indexing accessories from companies like Pacon Corporation, Top Notch Teacher Products and Oxford that are sturdy and economical for a range of needs.

Stock Up on Several Styles of Index Cards

Consumers can choose from a broad range of cards for a variety of educational, craft and data organization projects. Standard white and colored index cards come in several sizes for streamlined information management.

Ruled and unruled cards are made with durable paper stock that handles a range of needs so parents, teachers and business professionals can select the product that fulfills every project's requirements. Tabbed cards and guides are ideal for optimal organization of frequently-accessed business cards, phone numbers and pocket-sized documents.

Some tabbed guides feature laminated tabs with enhanced durability for years of regular and heavy-duty use.

Easily Organize Facts and Information with Colored Index Cards

Cards are available in a variety of vivid colors and whimsical designs for a range of learning activities and office organization projects. Teachers can quickly create and categorize flashcards for learning drills, using a different color for each subject and difficulty level.

Companies can quickly sort through contact information and safety instructions for convenient reference in case of emergency. Entertainment writers and film directors also find color-coded cards useful during the storyboarding and filming process, offering flexibility while making revisions, adjusting schedules and establishing scene orders.

Index Card Accessories Help Users Create Effective Filing Systems

There are several types of fiberboard storage boxes, plastic hinged containers and reinforced steel drawers to suit a range of needs. Businesses looking for an easy way to file reference materials find storage boxes useful for keeping information on a desk or in drawers and cabinets.

Lockable models offer an additional level of security for sensitive information and valuables. Storage notebooks and compact card cases are a highly portable option, making them an excellent choice for college students and travelers.

Shop For Index Cards In Bulk So Supplies Never Run Out

Busy teachers, writers and office managers like to keep a steady supply of cards on hand for a variety of ongoing projects. Shopping in bulk also saves businesses time and money, ensuring essential paper supplies are never depleted.

Are Index Cards Recyclable?

Cards that are unlaminated are fully recyclable. Eco-conscious consumers can also buy cards made from recycled paper as part of their planet-friendly business practices.

Can you Print on Index Cards?

Many printers support the printing of documents at custom sizes, including index cards. Users can easily set up or download a design template in their preferred word processing program to suit the desired card size.

Some companies offer perforated index card sheets that print out on laser or ink jet printers at standard page sizes so multiple cards may be printed at once.

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