Industrial Trash Bags

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Industrial trash bags are handy dirt collectors that help keep offices, warehouses, and work sites clean and tidy. These can liners are stronger and more durable than regular home or office waste bags. They are ideal for carrying wet and heavy trash and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. You can find a wide selection of industrial-strength trash bags and cleaning supplies at Staples®.

Enjoy the Superior Strength of Low-Density Industrial Trash Bags
Most heavy-duty trash bags are made of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). These have better resistance to punctures and tears than HDPE (high-density polyethylene) bags. They can withstand rough handling and are especially suitable for carrying yard waste and industrial trash that might have objects with sharp edges. Industrial waste bags are stronger than regular low-density bags such as the ones used to store kitchen and garden garbage. They usually have reinforced and flexible walls. Some brands refer to their industrial waste bin liners as contractor trash bags. They differentiate these from regular low-density dirt collectors by describing their load strength as heavy, extra heavy, and X-heavy.

Features to Consider When Shopping for Industrial Trash Bags
The thickness of kitchen trash bags has a direct correlation with its strength and durability. While manufacturers usually quote HDPE bag thickness in microns, they use mils for LDPE bags. One mil is one-thousandth of an inch. Industrial-strength trash bags come in 1 to 3 mil thicknesses. If you want an extra heavy-duty can liner, choose one that is at least 2.5 mils thick. Capacity and size are two other important features to consider. The smallest contractor bags have load capacities between 10 and 20 gallons. Larger ones can hold 60 gallons or more.

When quoting sizes, manufacturers state the lengths and widths of trash bags. To pick the right one for a waste bin, users need to match the dimensions of these bags to the bin sizes. The width of an industrial can liner should be half the circumference of a trash can to fit over its edges. Its ideal length is the height of the can plus 3 inches for overhang.

Are Handles Necessary for Industrial Trash Bags?
While not necessary, handles on waste bags have obvious benefits. They make it easier to close the mouths of these trash collectors and carry them for onward disposal. When shopping for trash bags with handles, look for those with reinforced drawstrings.

What Kinds of Bottom Seals Do Industrial Trash Bags Have?
Heavy-duty bags for carrying industrial waste usually have star and flat seals. The third option, gusset seal, is prone to leaking when carrying wet trash. Star seal is the most common type. It allows a trash bag to sit squarely in, and conform to the shape of a can liner. A flat seal offers more capacity since the fold at the bottom of the bag uses only a small part of the can liner.

Does Color Matter When Choosing Industrial Trash Bags?
Yes. Users sometimes choose waste bags of different colors to differentiate the kinds of trash that go into each can liner in their facilities. Most of these bags come in black. This color hides unsightly trash. White bags may be more appropriate for places like hospitals. Clear trash bags are best for items intended for recycling.

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