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Infant Heel Warmers

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Instant heel warmers are designed to offer protection from physical bruising and abrasions, and bacterial and germs infections after drawing blood. They are easy and fast to apply and activate instantly and automatically after application.

Comprehensive Protection
Heel warmers offer protection in many aspects. For starters, the gel is smooth and soft to prevent bruising and abrasions. Since they are latex-free, they also discourage encroachment of pathogens, preventing skin diseases and other infections. Furthermore, they prevent cartilage damage from heel sticks. For complementary body care, use baby kits which come with everything to keep your loved one comfortable, clean and healthy.

Easy Application
With infant heel warmers, application as easy as they come as a lift-and-stick tape. What's more, application is precise as they cover the curved heel perfectly. For the infants and parents' convenience, the baby's peace and comfort are not disturbed since the process is quick. Removing the warmers, on the other hand, is just as easy since the tape is smooth and hence easy to come off.

Almost Instant Effects
Owing to its flexibility, gel is able to penetrate the skin easily and quickly, optimizing blood flow and reversing the damage caused to the cartilage almost instantly. Application ensures that the skin remains smooth and soft for several hours, consequently protecting it from bruises when in contact with fabrics.

These infant heel warmers are sized just right to accommodate most newborns and little ones. As such, they are guaranteed to comfortably fit all infants with varying heel sizes. The flexible form ensures they easily conform to the heel's shape.

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Medline Infant Heel Warmers
Item: SS1100166
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  • 5" L x 3" W Size.
  • Latex-free.
  • Gel Pack Package Type.
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