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Intensa Step Stools & Ladders

Everyone occasionally needs an extra foot or two of height to reach objects on a high shelf around the house or the office. Intensa makes industrial-grade equipment for medical facilities, laboratories and other offices. Its step stools are lightweight and easy to move around, so they're ideal for busy workplaces and households.

Things to Look for in a Step Stool
Intensa's stools have black rubber-tipped feet for additional stability so they won't slip or skid on tile, wood and concrete floors. A 1-foot stool provides extra reach for grabbing supplies, boxes or files from shelves that are just out of reach. Rubber mats are slip-resistant so people with damp feet or smooth-bottom dress shoes can step up safely and securely.

Bariatric step stools have a weight capacity of about 375 pounds, so they're handy for a range of users or for lifting heavy items onto high shelves. They also have a duty rating of 1AA for professional and industrial environments. Those with nontelescoping handles don't need to be locked in place for fast and secure setup.

Additional Details to Consider When Buying a New Stool
Sturdy chrome frames are rust resistant for use in all types of environments. Solid chrome frames are tough and look professional even after years of use. Models with handrails ensure additional leverage to keep users stable while they're grabbing objects off the top shelf. Stools without rails easily stow underneath cabinets, beds, counters and exam tables for convenient, streamlined storage. The industrial look has an unadorned and modernized design for homeowners and office managers who prefer minimalist aesthetics.

What Facilities Need Step Stools?
Research facilities that keep additional equipment stored onsite need stools so workers can pull down extra supplies when needed. Medical offices with cabinets in exam rooms need multiple stools for staff to access bandages, latex gloves and other examination materials. Compact stools fit neatly inside the classroom, helping teachers and education professionals maximize storage solutions throughout the school year. Elder care and other residential facilities also need a variety of stools for their maintenance, nursing and kitchen staffs.

What Makes Intensa Step Stools Professional Grade?
Research labs, pharmaceutical dispensaries and clean rooms need equipment that can be sterilized and washed down regularly without accumulating rust or residue. Intensa stools have chrome frames for this reason and are easy to wipe down to maintain sanitary conditions. Durable rubber features stand up to wear and tear and are stain resistant. Some of these stools are also a substantial 11 pounds, making them easy to move around but sturdy enough for frequent, heavy-duty usage.

Who Else Needs a Sturdy Stool?
Households with small children who want to help mom and dad do their daily chores can rely on a stool that helps them reach countertops and kitchen sinks. Elderly people need stools with handrails for additional security to prevent slipping and falling. Commercial food prep businesses require rustproof equipment that cleans up quickly in the kitchen, bar or storage room. Compact stools are easy to store in apartments and small condos so that nothing is ever out of reach.
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Intensa 1-Step Steel Step Stool w/ 500 lb. Load Capacity
Item : WYF078277131296
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  • Finish: Chrome
  • 1" Chrome plated construction
  • Slip resistant mat
87.99 $87.99
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