Irrigation Syringes, Trays & Tubing

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Stock your operating room and patient care areas with irrigation syringes, trays, and tubing. Durable materials and reliable designs let you develop consistent processes that work every time. From hospital check in to discharge, patients feel comfortable when you have the right equipment.

Wound Care
Irrigation syringes and tools make it simple to clean and disinfect open wounds, mucous membranes, or surgical incisions in an inpatient or outpatient setting, and you can easily find latex-free kits that can be used with individuals who are allergic to latex. Disposable irrigation kits help keep everything hygienic and reduce the need for cleaning and sterilization of syringes and trays. Bulb syringes give you precise control over the flow of distilled water or cleansing fluid, while trays help prevent spills and splashes while you're draining and rinsing a wound.

Reliable Operating Procedures
Irrigation syringes, trays, and tubing work consistently as expected, so you can develop efficient procedures in your operating room. Relying on durable tools and tubing for fluid suction, wound care, and IV delivery systems lets you concentrate on the actual surgery. Keep a wide selection of urology and ostomy supplies on hand to streamline common tasks and make patient care more efficient.

Post-Surgical Comfort
Use medical tubing to drain away bodily fluids during the recovery period and prevent opportunistic infections from taking hold. Flexible latex tubing can be used for many important surgical and post-surgical medical purposes, making it an important tool for medical care providers. Stretch-resistant tubing holds its shape so fluid removal or delivery isn't impacted by accidental tugs on the line.

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