About this product

JAM Paper® Office Supply Assortments provide a matching set of office essentials!

JAM Paper® Yellow Office Supply Assortment pack is a great colored office supplies bundle to use around the house, office, or classroom. This variety pack includes 4 different common office supply items. These items include a pack of 100 Rubber Bands, a container of 100 Push Pins, a container of 100 Regular Sized Paper Clips, and a contain of 50 Round Paper Cloops. All of the paper clips in this assortment are made from high quality vinyl coated metal, the push pins are made from a combination of sturdy and hard plastic. Each item in this assortment features a bright sunny banana yellow color! This variety pack is great for you if yellow is a representative color of your school or business, or if you are looking to color coordinate and get more organized around your workspace. Featured in publications such as Martha Stewarts Living Magazine and Graphic Design USA Magazine, JAM's paper clips and cloops have gained a reputation for being a highly reliable office supply, and are a great way to add a touch of color to your memos, packets, marketing materials, and more.

  • Assortment of Four Different Yellow Office Supplies
  • Pack of 100 Rubber Bands, Container of 100 Regular Size Paper Clips, a Container of 50 Round Paper Cloops, and a Pack of 100 Push Pins
  • Paper Clips are made from high quality vinyl coated metal. Binder clips are made from a combination of sturdy metal and plastic.