About this product

JAM Paper® Rubber Bands will help you keep things bound together and organized in your work space!

JAM Paper & Envelope's Color Rubber Bands are a great and colorful office product to help you organzie any items that need to be banded or kept together. Each bag includes 100 Size 33 color rubber bands. Size 33 bands are one of the most popular and com mon used size rubber bands on the market: they have a Length of 3 1/2 inches a Width of 1/8 inch and a Thickness of 1/32 inch (3.5 x 1/8). These are the thinner, more flexible and stretchy rubber bands that easily fit around your wrist. They are very fl exible but durable enough to not snap or wear when binding together items that have a larger width. And the great thing about rubber bands is that they have so many uses: Color code items around your house or office, band togehter cash, deposit slips, o r receipts, make a rubber band ball, use them as a hair tie, for craft projects, as a book mark, wrap up loose wires, or even use them as a bracelet. The possibilities are endless. And with such a wide selection of colors, your favorite shouldn't be har d to find. Why use boring plain brown rubber bands when you can add some pop and color to your office accessories? So if you are looking for a reliable, durbale, and unqiue rubber band JAM Paper's Colorful Rubber Bands are a great option. This pack: : C olor: Red : :Quantity: 100 / bag : Size: 33 :

  • Regular Size Red Rubber Bands
  • Size: 33 (3 1/2 x 1/8 inches)
  • 100 Rubber Bands per Pack