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Jackson Professional Tools Wheelbarrows & Lawn Carts

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Jackson Professional Tools specializes in heavy-duty, construction-grade wheelbarrows and mortar pans for professional landscapers and hands-on homeowners. The wheelbarrows complement an entire array of garden, landscaping and construction tools for renovating and maintaining lawns, yards and properties. The brand's steel and poly models can handle heavy loads of soil, gravel, debris and other yard material over all types of terrain. Mortar pans can handle aggressive mixing of concrete, mortar and even hot asphalt.

Jackson Professional Tools is part of the Ames Companies, a group that distributes products worldwide, manufactured with product supplies that are sourced globally. The company refuses to source any of its supplies from businesses that do not follow internationally accepted guidelines and standards governing factory safety and product quality. Additionally, it does not source supplies from manufacturers that exploit child or prisoner labor. The commitment to corporate social responsibility reflects the quality of the company's line of professional wheelbarrows, lawn carts and mortar pans.

Steel Wheelbarrows from Jackson Professional Tools Consist of Cross-Product Options
The steel wheelbarrows come in both 5 and 6-cubic-foot tray capacities. All trays consist of heavy-duty steel with industrial-grade steel undercarriages. Some models have folded-steel trays, with separate pieces wrapped and welded at the hips and the lip. All models have heavily-braced leg stabilizers that make the carts 40 percent more tip-resistant than those with standard bracing. These barrows have thick, 60-inch contoured wooden or poly handles, some with proprietary Total Control D-ring grips to make dumping tasks easier.

All steel models also have 16-inch pneumatic or flat-free tires, many riding on stainless steel ball bearings. Some tires have a knobbed tread that lets users maneuver more easily over rugged terrain. A front bumper bracket not only protects the tire but also provides a stable base for dumping material from the tray.

Poly Models Offer the Same Quality Features
Poly wheelbarrows are contractor-grade carts that provide 5.75 cubic feet of tray capacity. The trays consist of folded thermo-formed resin poly material, wrapped at the hips and lip to hold added weight. Each one comes with either flat-free or pneumatic tires, each 16 inches in diameter and riding on ball bearings. These barrows also have leg stabilizers to increase tip-resistance, 60-inch wooden handles and front bumpers to stabilize dumping applications.

Mortar Pans Are Durable Enough for Tough Jobs
The brand makes rugged thermo-formed resin poly mixing boxes and seamless steel mortar pans for job and home-site concrete, mortar and asphalt mixing applications. The poly boxes provide up to 9 cubic feet of mixing capacity, in an elongated 5 x 3 foot box with a 12-inch lip. The steel mortar pans have a capacity of 3 cubic feet and have a durable painted coating for longer wear. A steel stand is also available as an accessory for positioning the steel mortar pan for easier mixing and scooping.

Jackson Professional Tools manufacturers contractor-grade wheelbarrows and hand tools that also cater to the DIY homeowner. It produces a wide array of construction-grade steel or poly barrows with a range of cross-cutting options that offer holding and hauling versatility.
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  • Tyre Type: Knobby
  • Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Wheel Diameter: 8"
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