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JavaFly Clear Glass 6 Cups Coffee Makers

Perfectionist Coffee & Accessories - Faro Coffee Beans, Chemex Pour Over, Grinder & Frother/Steamer, 4/Pack (BDL0002-CP1)
Item: 24116378 / Model : BDL0002-CP1
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  • Faro Medium Roast, Ethiopian, Whole Coffee Beans, Yirgacheffe Unusual Coffee - Hopper dried, organic, medium roasted, whole beans, full of flavor and aroma; a unique coffee blend that stands out.
  • Chemex 3-Cup, Glass Coffee Maker Comes in an elegant design, easy to use and is made of non-porous glass, allows coffee to be covered and refrigerated for reheating without losing flavor.
  • Hario Mini Mill, Slim Hand, Coffee Grinder - Easy to hold, clean and use, it is adjustable for a precise grind. Comes with a ceramic burr that helps high temperature resistance. Lightweight.
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