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Ocean Spray CranGrape Juice 18.5 Ounce, Pack of 12 (OCE70193)
Item #24343656
Model #OCE70193
  • Our 100% juice line supplies you with the fruit energy and nutrition you need to get through the day
  • 100% juice (except in juice blends) daily dose of Vitamin C
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Minute Maid Orange Juice, 10 Oz., 24/Carton (00025000056857)
Item #228087
Model #00025000056857
  • Orange juice tastes good and is good for you
  • Comes in 10 oz. bottles
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V8 Original Vegetable Juice, 11.5 oz, 28/Pack (900-00092)V8 Original Vegetable Juice, 11.5 oz, 28/Pack (900-00092)
Item #24442925
Model #900-00092
  • 100% vegetable juice
  • Comes in 11.5 oz. can
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Welch's Variety Pack 10 oz. Juice Drink, 24/Pack (47910)Welch's Variety Pack 10 oz. Juice Drink, 24/Pack (47910)
Item #24442938
Model #900-00105
  • Welch's Variety Pack juice is more than just delicious and refreshing, it is an excellent source of vitamin C
  • Comes in capacity of 10 oz.
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Minute Maid Apple Juice, 10 oz., 24/Carton (00025000056840)
Item #228088
Model #00025000056840
  • Apple juice tastes good and is good for you
  • 10 oz. bottles
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Capri Sun® 100% Juice, 6 fl. oz. Pouches, Variety Pack, 40/Box (00441)
Item #24171825
Model #220-00720
  • A 40-Count case of Capri Sun Roarin' Waters Variety Pack with 4 exciting fruit flavors
  • A great alternative to soda, fill up your office vending machine with a healthier alternative with these Capri Sun pouches.
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Kool-Aid Jammers Variety Juice Pack, 6 oz., 40/Pack (220-00775)Kool-Aid Jammers Variety Juice Pack, 6 oz., 40/Pack (220-00775)
Item #24328640
Model #220-00775
  • A 40-Count case of Kool Aid Jammers Juice Pouches in a variety of 4 flavors
  • 10 juice pouches each of Cherry, Grape, Tropical Punch, and Strawberry Kiwi Kool Aid
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Little Hug Fruit Barrels Variety Pack, 8 oz, 40 Count
Item #2678413
Model #209-02494
  • A 40-Count box of 8-Fluid Ounce Little Hug Fruit Barrels in assorted fruit flavors like Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry, Kiwi Strawberry, and Grape
  • Only 2-Grams of sugar per bottle, and a good source of B&E vitamins
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IZZE Pomegranate Sparkling Juice, 8.4 oz., 24/Carton (IZZ11087)
Item #QKR15085
Model #15085
  • Sparkling pomegranate juice is a refreshing and delicious drink
  • 8.4 oz. cans
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Arizona Arnold Palmer Half & Half, 11.5 oz., 30 Count (73695)Arizona Arnold Palmer Half & Half, 11.5 oz., 30 Count (73695)
Item #24171789
Model #220-00724
  • A popular favorite to include in the office break room or vending machine.
  • The delectable flavor combination of iced tea and lemonade, this beverage will be a home run with your coworkers.
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Buy bulk juice for the home, office, and classroom to guarantee refreshments are available when needed. Variety packs include 12 lightweight bottles or more and come in an assortment of flavors to satisfy many taste cravings. Combination drinks fuse different fruits like kiwi-strawberry for satisfying beverages that come in recyclable containers. Staples has an extensive selection of drinks and treats, such as lemonade and cookies, to meet the snack and beverage needs of almost every type of home, office, and school gathering. 

Consider the different types of bulk juice
Nutrient-rich juices made from flavorful fruits and vegetables such as spinach and apples deliver a power-boost of antioxidants and energy to get you through the midday hump. Stock school cafeterias and office breakrooms with delicious, nutritious, and convenient cans of orange, apple, and cranberry juice. The low-sodium drinks provide a daily dose of vitamin C. Vegetable beverages come with a variety of ingredients, including tomatoes and celery, to satisfy late-night hunger cravings. User-friendly drink containers make it quick and simple to put healthy beverages inside backpacks and briefcases for easy drinks on the go.

Choose specific bulk juice for the occasion
Fun, colorful, and enjoyable drink pouches easily open with a straw for quick access to hydrating beverages. The easy-to-carry containers are effortless to sip from when walking from one place to the next, such as between classes and on the way to the school bus. Select 8-ounce barrel-shaped bottles are comfortable to hold when drinking and have an easy-tear foil seal that is penetrable with a straw. Low-sugar juice drinks may have 2 grams of sugar per every 8-ounce bottle, and they’re available in several delicious options, like cherry and grape, to enjoy during a mid-afternoon break or with an after-school snack. The delightful juices include vitamins A, B, and E to enjoy anytime throughout the day.

Are there benefits to drinking bulk juice?
Bulk purchases ensure everyone has access to enjoyable beverages during the work and school day. Stock classrooms, boardrooms, and home offices with cartons of fruit and vegetable juices to ensure healthy options are available. An assorted variety of juices offers guests and employees a beverage choice and keeps refrigerators and pantries well-stocked with 5-ounce, 8-ounce, and 12-ounce refreshments throughout the week. 

Where are some places juice cartons are used?
Cafeterias, dining halls, restaurants, hospitals, sports stadiums, and several other places use cartons of juice to guarantee patrons and customers have access to nutritious beverages. The drink containers are made of recyclable materials and are easy to toss into curbside recycle receptacles when finished. Straws and bottle caps are also recyclable.

Does bulk juice expire?
Always check the expiration date on containers to know when a product reaches its best-by date. There is a limited amount of time to consume beverages once opened. Expired juices may develop a rancid taste and different color and smell than normal juices. 

Are antioxidants found in bulk juice?
Antioxidants help protect cells and are found in a variety of nutritious beverages. Orange, grape, and tomato juices are some of the drinks packed with powerful antioxidants to nourish and feed the body.