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KIND® makes healthy and tasty snacks with an inventory of over 20 Kind bars and clusters. The company promises to not overly process snacks, to use high-quality ingredients, add a minimal amount of sugar to the recipes, and never use artificial sweeteners. The brand promotes kindness worldwide through its products and outreach initiatives. Staples® offers a Kind stock list of snacks with ingredients that include nuts and seeds, coconut, cashews, and other bars normally available in quantities of 12 per box.

Learn the Story Behind Kind Bars
The brand produces products that are good for the body. Alongside making healthy snacks, the company's philosophy is to share kindness with every bar and encourage others to become kindhearted to people in their communities. The Kind Foundation celebrates activities to promote health for the body, taste buds, and people.

Company employees hand out cards to friends and strangers that contain a code to receive a Kind token to encourage similar behavior. Product branding reminds buyers to be gentle, caring, and considerate to others for a kinder world. The company supports organizations that make a difference such as outreaches to the homeless, foster children, and people suffering from starvation.

Discover Ingredients Used in Kind Bars
Kind snacks contain whole foods such as nuts, fruits, and grains. Packages list ingredients and information specific to the snack to include the nonuse of genetically engineered ingredients and notations about the products such as low sodium or dairy-free options. Nutrients are low on the glycemic index, contain antioxidants and Omega-3, and may be free of the allergies related to wheat, soy, and milk, depending on the snack. Part of the brand's manufacturing process is to use real food that tastes good.

What Types of Kind Bars Are Available?
Buyers can purchase products grouped by fruit and nuts, nuts and spices, snack bars, and grains. Further groupings include nut-free, low-fat, and designated products for buyers who prefer high-fiber and vegan examples. Clusters are bite-sized pieces in pouches yielding about 6 servings each that you consume dry or eat as a breakfast meal. Variety snacks offer a mix of products in one container for consumption or giving as gifts.

What Are Some Nutrition Facts About Kind Bars?
Calories average from 140 to 230 per snack to include concentrations of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, and vitamins A and E. The packages list allergen information as well as protein, sugar, and sodium percentages. Further nutritional summaries include total fat including saturated and trans fats, as well as listings for total grams of cholesterol and carbohydrates.

What Flavors of Kind Bars Are Available?
Purchasers may choose chocolate, sea salt, and apple cinnamon varieties. Mixed flavors include peanut butter and strawberry, blueberry and vanilla, and caramel and pumpkin spice. A honey-smoked barbecue flavor appeals to meat lovers and a bar with roasted jalapenos adds heat to the taste. Dark chocolate lovers purchase varieties that also include pecans, chili, and mocha almonds. Healthy grains, chewy and crunchy granola bars contain five grains mixed with flavorings such as maple syrup, honey, and caramel. The bars received certification by the Non-GMO Project.