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Kanex Card Readers & Adapters

While the internet and the cloud have become the fastest and most popular way to spread and share images, multimedia card readers are still sometimes necessary to store and move larger HD files. Swap pictures back and forth between mobile devices and cameras, or sweep entire folders onto a hard drive for more editing and touching up.

When to Purchase a Multimedia Card Reader
Many mobile devices do not include an embedded smart card reader. This can make it difficult to move more than one image at a time from a tablet or smartphone to another hard drive or a computer. Mobile card readers and adapters connect through the phone's USB or Lighting® port, and the device automatically detects and reads the card's contents.

Card readers do not require an additional power source, so they are easy to use anywhere. Most support multiple card formats including SD and microSD. Look for cards that work specifically with your mobile device's operating system, such as Android™, Windows®, or iOS™.

Important Format Considerations for a Multimedia Card Reader
Make sure to verify the USB format of the computer or mobile device before purchase. For example, a USB-C™ output is compatible with newer models of the MacBook®. USB OTG (or "on the go") works exclusively with Android phones and tablets. Different formats also support faster file transfers. For example, Kanex's memory card with a USB-C output supports Thunderbolt™ 3, dual 4K displays, and has a transfer speed of up to 5 Gbps.

What are Reasons to Purchase a Multimedia Card Reader?
Large files can be awkward to upload to the cloud via Wi-Fi. A smart multimedia card reader can work much more quickly than internet transfers. Card readers also provide additional backups when you need to create more room on a phone, camera, or multimedia device quickly, but you don't want to delete all your pictures and videos. Even if a camera is Wi-Fi enabled, for example, a smart card reader could still be an easier way to move a video or several HD images from the camera to a computer for editing and sharing.

Who Uses Multimedia Card Readers?
Videographers and filmmakers who regularly need to free up memory on cameras use card readers to move files to an external hard drive or the cloud. Sales professionals that spend a lot of time on the road need card readers to back up videos and images taken to document meetings, presentations, and trade show events. Card readers allow anyone to push an image captured on a professional camera to a phone to update the company's social media profiles.

What are Other Features to Look for in a Multimedia Card Reader?
Dual outputs work with different types of devices, so the owner of both and Android phone and an iPad can use the same adapter. Most readers support common standards of memory cards including SD, microSD, SDHX, and SDHC. For more flexibility, USB 3.0 outputs can automatically work with USB 2.0 on older devices. Hi-speed readers are designed specifically for professional photography studios, printers, and design studios, with speeds up to 10 times faster than USB 2.0.
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Kanex K181-1038-bk8i Usb-c 3-port Card Reader (black)
Item : 23983189
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  • Reads & writes microSD Card/T-Flash, SD Card, miniSD Card, MultiMediaCard, MultiMediaCard Plus & RS-MMC
  • Plug & play
  • 5Gbps data transfer speed
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