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Coleman® Xtreme3 C9WP Waterproof Digital Camera, 20 MP, Yellow
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  • 20.0 megapixels resolution, 1080p HD video
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Although smartphone cameras provide a quick and easy way to shoot photos, parents who want their children to learn how real cameras work need one designed for kids. While they are basic models, kids cameras are not toys and can pack some impressive hardware. They take good pictures and shoot crisp videos, have essential features like zoom lenses and automatic flash, and sports controls that children will find easy to learn and simple to use.

What to Look For In Kids Cameras
Compared to regular cameras, cameras for kids are more affordable and have more colorful options. When shopping for such cameras, the key features to look for include build quality, design and imaging capabilities as well as camcorder mode, storage options and photo-editing features. Build quality describes the sturdiness of the product. The ideal camera for kids is lightweight, even with its protective shell. Many models also come with rubberized bumpers that protect them from damage when accidentally dropped.

In addition, a waterproof housing can improve a digital camera's durability. Another protective feature to look for are flaps that cover any ports and prevent dirt and dust from getting inside. By design, cameras meant for young children must be compact and have small, responsive buttons.

Cute Cameras for Budding Photographers
While tweens and teens are more careful with their cameras, durability is a lot more important when choosing a kid's camera for children younger than 8 years of age. Cameras designed for this age group often have graphics from popular children's movies and TV shows. In addition, manufacturers often name them after well-known cartoon characters. Many of such cute cameras carry Disney and Nickelodeon branding and celebrate beloved characters like Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob, Hello Kitty and the cast of Frozen.

While they look charming, these cameras can pack some impressive hardware. They usually run on AAA or AA batteries and have automatic controls and internal storage. To improve image quality, some also have built-in image editors as well as photo effects and filters. Furthermore, you can easily find a cute kid's digital camera with premium features like a zoom lens, LCD viewfinder and video recorder.

Getting Serious about Photography with Point-and-Shoots
Older kids usually shy away from cutesy cameras and choose models made by popular camera brands such as Panasonic and Nikon. Point-and-shoot cameras can provide a much-needed introduction to more advanced digital cameras for tweens and teens. They are also compact, easy to se and sized for small hands. Unlike cameras designed for younger kids, point-and-shoot cameras do not have rubberized bumpers. This does not mean that they have flimsy builds. In fact, some models are shockproof, waterproof, freeze proof and crushproof.

Most of these entry-level cameras have advanced features such as high-resolution sensors, optical zoom, image stabilization, electronic viewfinders and manual controls. They capture good images even in low-light conditions and can shoot full HD videos. Other unique features to look for are built-in Wi-Fi and GPS; support for telephoto and fisheye lenses; and flip-up and touchscreen LCD screens.