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Kindle Accessories

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Kindle accessories help protect your tablet from accidents, flaunt your style, and make your Kindle easier to use. Choose from screen protectors and cases that offer protection and covers that come in various designs and colors. Find a stand that adds convenience and increases productivity.

Screen Protectors
Screen protectors are self-adhering, clear coverings for your screen that ensure your Kindle is not scratched from normal, everyday use. Some high-end screen protectors may even offer additional warranty protection. An anti-glare screen protector also helps keep indoor light and the sun from reflecting off of the glossy surface.

Soft-shell Covers
Soft-shell covers for your Kindle protect the outside of the device from scratches that come from normal use. They come in a range of designs and styles that add personalization and convenience to your Kindle. A cover that doubles as a stand makes your Kindle easier to use, especially if you add a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

Hard-shell Cases
Hard-shell cases are an alternative to soft-shell covers that add an extra layer of protection. While case designs tend to be more professional than decorative, they do come in multiple color options. Some cases also double as a stand, and the hard shell makes them more supportive than a cover stand. Choose a case with a built-in LED light for easy device use in the dark.

Dedicated Kindle Stands
Dedicated stands offer more support for your Kindle than covers and cases with a stand built in. Use the locking mechanism on these stands to keep your Kindle in its place and reduce the chance of damage if it drops to the floor. These stands provide a more effective hands-free option.
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