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KleenGuard Gardening Aprons

Keep clothes clean while working in the garden with KleenGuard aprons. They offer protection against a variety of dirt and chemicals associated with outdoor work. Available in multiple styles and choices of materials, there is an option suited to every gardening job. Staples carries many of the top names in outdoor gardening supply brands making it simple to find everything you need to complete your next project.

KleenGuard Gardening Aprons are available in Denim and Laminated SARANEX
Available in several material options, it's easy to find an apron suited to the task at hand. Don a denim apron when working in laboratories or working with remediation, pesticides or heavy dust environments. The fabric features a breathable, MICROFORCE barrier, which helps protect clothes from damaging chemicals. Breathable particle protection aprons are well suited for handling, mixing and cleaning up chemicals as well as handling hazardous materials and waste cleanup. They also protect against petrochemicals and utilities, making them ideal for groups like industrial hazmat teams. The SARANEX 23-P material is film laminated to a durable fabric, which has a cloth-like feel against the skin. Both options come in lengths of 28 to 29 inches, providing plenty of coverage for dirty, messy jobs.

Sewn-in Pockets Make it Simple to Carry Supplies Around in Gardening Aprons
Easily carry important tools with you on the job with an apron with built-in pockets. Slip pens, extra gloves, small shovels or other gardening items into the open slot. They are ideal for storing work IDs and keycards needed to access different parts of a business or building throughout the day. Pockets not only ensure those items are always within easy reach, but also help keep them out of the way when not in use.

This Gardening Apparel's Disposable Tie-Back Design is Easy to Use
Many outdoor aprons feature a convenient tie-back design, which makes them easy to slip on and off as needed. Simply wrap the ties around the waist and secure behind the back to protect clothes from dirt and pesticides. They go on quickly, allowing you to get to work without delay. The disposable nature of these aprons makes them ideal for one-time use. Once finished spraying pesticides, laying down fertilizer or completing other dirty tasks around the yard or garden, simply throw them away without worrying about washing them or rinsing them off and finding a place to dry them.

Choose from Multiple Packaging Options to Suit your Home or Professional Needs
Disposable work aprons come in numerous packaging formats to suit both personal and professional protection needs. Single-apron packs and multipacks of up to 10 are ideal for keeping around the home or for use on small family farms. Larger quantity cases, like those ranging from 50 up to 100 aprons per unit are ideal for large businesses and commercial pursuits with multiple employees needing protective gear. Single-use aprons are also available in convenient vending machine packs. Available in cases of 100, they make it simple to stock a central machine with aprons for easy access by everyone in the building.
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KleenGuard® Breathable Particle Protection Aprons, 28" x 40", White, 100/CT
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