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Provide your guests and customers with a complete set of cutlery by adding disposable knives to your inventory. Compared to a regular steel knife, these are lightweight and affordable dining tools that are ideal for restaurants, office parties, and on-site meals for employees. You also do not have to wash them since they are single-use cutlery. Staples® carries a good selection of plastic knives, soup spoons, and other utensils from leading disposable dinnerware brands in a variety of colors to suit your needs.

Pick the Right Set of Disposable Knives for Your Crowd
Disposable knives usually come in packs and boxes containing 50 to 100 pieces or cartons and cases holding up to 1000 pieces. Choose packs and small boxes if you need these disposable utensils for a single occasion or small party. Cartons are ideal for restaurants, catering businesses, and offices that provide regular lunches for their workers. Some manufacturers offer individually wrapped knives. These can come wrapped in napkins or transparent plastic film. Choose wrapped cutlery sets to provide your guests and customers with all the utensils they need for their meals. A typical set includes a fork, a spoon, and an optional soup spoon in addition to a knife. Pre-wrapped utensils are sanitary and easier to distribute along with meals. They are perfect for boxed lunches and establishments offering takeout foods.

Features to Consider When Shopping for Disposable Knives
Disposable knives are made of different types of plastic. The most common options are polystyrene, polypropylene, and PVC. Polystyrene utensils are usually harder than those made of polypropylene while PVC or polyvinyl chloride is the popular choice for transparent eating utensils. For an environmentally friendly choice, opt for tableware made of biodegradable plastic. A clear or transparent disposable knife complements disposable plates and bowls of any color.

White and black are popular traditional color options for disposable knives. For a premium look, choose silver and gold-colored disposable knives or those with handles adorned with decorative patterns. Length is another important factor to consider especially if you are catering for children. The typical plastic knife is 7.5 inches long. There are shorter units you can pair with short spoons and plastic forks for occasions where you are serving small portions or providing taste samples of different dishes.

What Is the Difference Between Heavy and Medium Weight Disposable Knives?
Heavyweight plastic knives are harder and stronger than medium-weight units. Their higher tensile strength makes them harder to break or bend. These plastic utensils are more durable and look more premium. Medium-weight utensils are also sturdy. They flex a little and are unlikely to dig into the palms of your guests. Medium-weight knives are suitable for regular dining and perfect for cutting into soft and succulent foods.

Should You Consider Biodegradable Disposable Knives?
Yes. Biodegradable plastic does not contribute to landfill waste since microbes break it down after a while. Although regular plastic is recyclable, manufacturers only recycle a small proportion of plastic cutlery. Choosing biodegradable plastic knives and disposable plates make your business more environmentally friendly.

Are There Disposable Wooden Knives?
Yes. These serve as excellent alternatives to plastic knives. They can also be biodegradable. Compared to plastic ones, wooden utensils handle high heat better and can add a rustic appeal to your party or restaurant.

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