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Kodak Card Readers & Adapters

Make file transfers between your PC and memory cards easier by using a Kodak card reader. Card readers are handy accessories that give computers the ability to read different memory cards. When shopping for one, choose a model that supports the memory cards used by the gadgets you own or plan to acquire. You can find a wide selection of flash memory readers and writers at Staples®.

Choose Between Single and Multi-Format Kodak Card Readers
Kodak makes card readers that can read only one type of memory card as well as models that work with multiple flash memory formats. Pick a single-format reader if you only need one for a single device that uses an SD card. This unit has a single slot and a high-speed USB connector. You can also use this Kodak SD card reader with a microSD card as long as you have an adapter that makes the smaller format wide enough to snugly fit in an SD card slot. For its multi-format readers, this brand offers models that support as many as 50 different types of memory cards. With one of these, you can copy files to and from SD, microSD, M2, MMC, and MS cards as well as a number of other cards based on these popular formats.

Convert Your Memory Card Into a Flash Drive With a Kodak Card Reader
Kodak readers are compact pocketable devices shaped like thumb drives. Each one has a rubberized shell that provides a secure hold when pulling the reader out of a USB port. There is also an integrated USB 2.0 connector rather than a dangling USB cable. Some models even have connectors that swivel around into a closed position and protected by their durable rubberized grips. You can easily repurpose any of these readers into a USB drive by using a spare memory card as its flash memory. The USB 2.0 connectors on these devices deliver fast read and write speeds. They are backward-compatible with USB 1.1 ports and also work with USB 3.0 and 3.1 ports.

Can You Use a Kodak Card Reader With a Mac® Computer?
Yes. Kodak USB card readers support computers running Windows® and Mac operating systems. The multi-card readers are compatible with machines running Windows XP and later as well as those running Mac OS X® 10.4.6 and higher.

Do You Need to Power a Kodak Card Reader When Connecting It to a USB 1.1 Port?
No. Kodak readers are USB-powered devices that do not need separate power supplies. The devices use the same USB connectors for data and power delivery. The power supplied by a USB 1.1 port is enough to keep a USB 2.0 Kodak reader running.

Can You Transfer Files Faster by Connecting a Kodak Card Reader to a USB 3.0 Port?
No. The speed of the USB port it connects to determines the maximum data rate of a card reader. You only achieve USB 2.0 speeds even when you plug a USB 2.0 reader into a faster USB computer port. Similarly, connecting a USB 3.0 reader into a USB 2.0 port limits its speed to USB 2.0 transfer rates.
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Kodak A242 40-in-1 Memory Card Reader/Writer
Item: 321697 / Model : A250
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  • Universal Reader/Writer
  • High-speed USB 2.0
  • Mac OS and PC compatible
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