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Lenovo™ monitors display bright and beautiful color and crisp text output. They include products that meet the needs of students and home or business users, as well as specialty devices such as gaming monitors, displays for graphics professionals, and cost-effective refurbished units. Browse the selection of computer accessories and peripherals available at Staples® and find a Lenovo ThinkVision® monitor that matches your viewing needs.

Lenovo Monitors Are a Versatile Display Solution
These displays come in a broad range of sizes. Choose a small 17 to 19-inch model for a small desk in a cubicle, kitchen, or dorm room. Midsize 21 to 24-inch monitors provide plenty of screen space for multi-taskers, and the largest 27-inch screens bring presentations, movies, and video games to life, creating an immersive user experience. Many models have narrow bezels and borderless screens that create a distraction-free viewing area when used in multi-monitor configurations. Professional-grade monitors are factory calibrated to provide accurate color reproduction. Gaming displays have fast refresh rates and built-in sync management technology, features that eliminate motion blur and lag. Select products have touchscreens that offer enhanced interactivity and access to operating system navigation functions.

Enjoy Beautiful Color With Lenovo Monitors
Most Lenovo products have IPS LCD panels with LED backlights, a combination that delivers bright and colorful output. IPS screens have wide viewing angles, up to 178 degrees, which makes it simple to share the view with friends or colleagues. They also offer accurate color reproduction, so the image on the screen matches the source material. LED backlights create even brightness levels across the entire screen, and further enhance color gamut accuracy.

What Connections Do Lenovo Monitors Have?
The HDMI® and DisplayPort™ connectors on these products are compatible with most laptop and desktop computers, including those with dedicated graphics cards. They also work with media devices such as Blu-ray™ players. Some models have additional plugs, DVI and USB Type-C™, that offer more connection options.

What Resolutions Do Lenovo Monitors Support?
Monitors generate images using an array of pixels, tiny electronic dots that can change color rapidly. A monitor's resolution is the count of the dots on the screen horizontally and vertically. Most Lenovo products have 1440 x 900 or higher resolutions with a wide aspect ratio that mimics the appearance of a theater screen. A square display with a 1280 x 1024 resolution is ideal for use with legacy devices that may not provide widescreen output. Choose a monitor with 2560 x 1440 QHD resolution to enhance games or see the finest details of digital images.

What Refresh Rates Do Lenovo Monitors Have?
Refresh rate measures how fast pixels can change the color they're displaying. The faster the refresh rate, the sharper moving images appear. Most Lenovo products have refresh rates of 7 milliseconds or less, fast enough to eliminate blur for most users. Gaming monitors have faster refresh rates, about 4 milliseconds. They provide crisp output when displaying the intense action scenes found in many video games.

What Type of Stands Do Lenovo Monitors Have?
Most of these products have height-adjustable stands that also tilt and pivot. Users can place the display in a convenient location and adjust the screen position to match their viewing needs.
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