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Choose a Lenovo™ desktop computer to get a reliable, feature-rich PC that can improve your productivity. Lenovo offers its desktop computers in different designs and multiple form factors. It makes them for business and home users. Most of them run Windows® operating system and use Intel® and AMD processors. Staples® carries a wide selection of desktop PCs from Lenovo and other leading computer brands.

Equip Your Office With Different Types of Lenovo Desktop Computers
Lenovo's most powerful desktop computers come in the traditional tower form factor. These have all of their hardware components inside cases that users can easily open. This advantage makes tower PCs easy to upgrade and repair. Full-sized desktop towers are roomier than compact and mini towers. They also provide a wider selection of features and options such as optical disk drives and multiple hard drive bays. Compact tower PCs take up less desk space. These slim desktops can sit beside monitors rather than under work desks. Mini PCs are even smaller. These tiny micro desktop computers usually use laptop-class processors and hard drives. They are portable but less powerful than typical tower PCs.

Pick a Stylish Lenovo Desktop Computer for Your Workspace
Tower PCs usually come in boxy cases with little aesthetic flair. If you want a stylish Lenovo PC for your work desk, choose from the brand's all-in-one desktop computers. All-in-one PCs come in sleek cases with integrated displays. By combining computer and display in one unit, this design saves desktop space, reduces clutter, and costs less than buying both components separately.

When comparing different all-in-one desktops, consider factors like screen size and resolution. Entry-level models have 17 to 19-inch displays while those with ultra-wide screens have displays measuring 24 inches and above. For your work PC, choose a model with a 21-inch or larger display. To enjoy a bright and sharp screen, look for one with a minimum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Some all-in-one desktops have touchscreen displays. Touch control makes navigating Windows and interacting with software faster than with a mouse and keyboard. Choose a touchscreen all-in-one only if you sit close enough to your computer to comfortably reach the display.

Should You Get a Lenovo Desktop Computer With an SSD?
Yes. Solid state drives are faster and quieter than hard disk drives. They are also more durable and use less energy. However, HDDs come in higher capacity options. A desktop that uses an SSD for data storage will be significantly faster than a comparable unit that only stores data on a hard disk drive.

Is 4GB of RAM Enough for a Lenovo Desktop Computer That Serves as a Work PC?
Yes. 4GB RAM is sufficient for basic computing needs including web browsing, editing documents, and sending emails. If you use multiple productivity apps simultaneously or usually have many windows open at any time, consider getting a desktop PC with 8GB RAM or more.

What Kind of Lenovo Desktop Computers Are Thin Clients?
Thin clients are a special class of small and lightweight business desktops that serve as terminals for server installations. These are networked computers for businesses that deploy cloud computing solutions. They are slim, underpowered computers running custom operating systems and with many input/output ports.
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