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Lenovo™ gaming desktop computers combine excellent graphics performance with stylish case designs and advanced storage options, giving game players the power needed to take on challenging game content, including 4K HD games and virtual reality media. While the designer builds these systems from the ground up to meet the needs of gamers, their high-performance components also make them excellent options for demanding power users or professional digital artists and designers. Staples® has an assortment of Lenovo desktop computers available that help users take on the toughest game content.

Tackle Any Game With a Lenovo Gaming Desktop
All Lenovo gaming computer systems feature discrete graphics cards from NVIDIA® and AMD. These cards have dedicated shaders, advanced anti-aliasing technology, hardware physics support, and many other features that enhance display performance. Lenovo systems also use Intel® processors that power through complex game calculations or scientific or business problems. They come with up 16GB of system memory, expandable to 64GB, ensuring lag-free gaming performance and smooth multitasking. An array of storage options meets almost any user's data needs. Choose a fast solid state drive and maximize performance, a budget-friendly hard disk, or a combined solid state drive and hard disk solution that takes advantage of the strengths of each storage format.

A Lenovo Gaming Desktop Simplifies Connections
Gamers love their accessories, and Lenovo gaming PCs have the ports and connectors needed to hook up each one. They have eight or more USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports for mice, keyboards, and game controllers, and some systems have always-on ports for charging smartphones or wireless peripherals. Bluetooth® provides wireless connection options for accessories such speakers and headphones, and HDMI®, VGA, and DVI ports make it simple to hook up multiple monitors. Onboard audio processors deliver 7.1 surround sound, and headphone and microphone jacks offer private listening options. Use the built-in card readers featured on some models to back up save games or transfer photos and files between devices.

Most Lenovo systems have both ethernet ports and 802.11ac Wi-Fi® adapters, giving users a choice of network connections. Some systems use Killer DoubleShot™ Pro networking technology, which automatically picks the fastest path for high-priority network data and uses a slower connection for less important data.

What Storage Options Are Available With Lenovo Gaming Desktop Computers?
Storage options for these systems include stand-alone 512GB solid state drives, 1 to 2TB hard disks, and a combination setup with a 128 to 256GB solid state drive and a 1 to 2TB hard drive. Solid state drives offer extremely fast data access but have less storage capacity than hard disks. Combination systems offer the best of both worlds, but users must manage their data properly to achieve the best performance.

What Type of Cases Do Lenovo Gaming Desktop Computers Have?
All Lenovo gaming systems have sculpted front panels with built-in LED illumination. Tool-free side panels provide convenient access to system components, and extra cooling fans keep graphics processing units and other processors cool during intense gaming sessions. Full-height tower cases provide plenty of room for expansion. Cube-style cases fit on media center shelves and bring PC gaming to living rooms. They also have built-in handles, so users can take their gaming systems on the road.
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