Letter & Desktop Trays

Keep your desk tidy and get rid of clutter by organizing piles of mail and stationery with stackable letter trays. Desktop trays improve productivity by helping users sort incoming mail and prioritizing files calling for their attention. Staples offers a wide selection of office supplies, which includes these versatile drawer organizers in different sizes and designs.

Enjoy the Benefits of Stackable Letter Trays
A stacking letter tray has multiple shelves arranged vertically. This multi-tier design saves space and allows you to organize more pieces of paper with a single unit. Choose a letter tray with this design over a single-tray model if you have a small desk or have a lot of paperwork reaching your desk every day. Besides saving desktop space, a stackable tray improves sorting efficiency. You can dedicate each tray in the stack to papers from certain departments or organize letters by size, color or subject.

Consider Build Material When Comparing Letter Trays
Consumers will find desktop trays made of cardboard, metal, plastic and wood. Cardboard trays are the least sturdy and typically single-tray units. For most applications, consider a stacking tray made of wood, plastic, solid metal or wire mesh. Trays made of solid metal and wire mesh are also strong and durable. Choose these to complete your minimalist or industrial office decor. Plastic stacking trays are lighter than those made of metal and wood. They are durable and usually made of plastic polymers like acrylic and polystyrene. Plastic stacking trays are available for school supplies lists and come in solid colors, as well as clear transparent or translucent smoke-colored units.

Other Features to Look for in Stacking Letter Trays
Stacking trays do have optional features that provide additional conveniences for users. For example, some desktop organizers have ribbed patterns to facilitate quick removal of items. The ribbed surface prevents papers from sticking to the bottom of the tray. Besides serving as sorting shelves, some trays also have storage slots wide enough to hold binders, training manuals, and magazines. If you want labels for each row of your stacking letter tray, look for a model with wide edges and sides. Lastly, choose a model with anti-slip rubber feet to keep your letter organizer from sliding off the desk.

Can You Build a Stacking Tray From Multiple Single Units?
Yes. A stacking tray can be a single unit with multiple shelves or consist of stacked single units you can slide apart. Stackable single units have grooves or slots that accept trays of the same design and dimensions. You can combine multiple single units lacking such grooves as long as they are made of wire mesh and are the same size. To do so, you need wire stacking posts.

Do You Need Separate Stackable Letter Trays for Legal and Letter-Size Files?
Yes. A standard stacking letter tray is wide enough to hold letter-size sheets. Legal-size file sorters and folders will jut out from its lips and make the organizer look disorderly. There are larger trays meant for legal-size documents.

What Is the Difference Between a Stacking Letter Tray and a File Sorter?
A stacking tray holds files in a vertical stack while a file sorter uses a horizontal stack. A stacking tray saves more desk space than a file sorter. Both are for organizing files and folders and you can find stackable trays with built-in file sorters.

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