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Lewis Lifetime Tools Composting Bins

Composting organic yard and kitchen waste is an excellent way to create rich humus for flower or vegetable beds. Staples carries a broad range of composters and composting accessories, including brands such as Lewis Lifetime Tools, D.F. Omer and Good Ideas. Composting bins speed up the process by storing materials in an enclosed space that retains heat and keeps pests away.

What is Compost?
Compost is decayed organic matter made from materials such as kitchen scraps, leaves and grass clippings, sawdust and other plant-based materials. Worms, bacteria and enzymes break down these items into nitrogen- and carbon-rich humus, Adding this dark brown substance to gardens and flower beds improves the soil consistency and fertility.

How Do Composting Bins Work?
While organic materials decay naturally, composting containers provide a hot, moist environment that speeds up the process. It can take four or more months to create compost from a pile of loose waste, but a bin can reduce this to as little as one month. Most of these products also have aeration holes that provide the oxygen used by the worms and bacteria that break down the organic materials, further accelerating the process.

Choose the Right Bin
There are several styles of composters available. Standing bins typically look like large garbage receptacles, and most have lidded openings at the top and bottom of the container. Add new material using the top opening, and pull finished compost from the bottom. Tumbler bins have a single opening and are mounted on a stand that lets the container body pivot. Turning compost increases aeration and mixes the stored materials. Some of these products have wheeled stands that let you pour finished compost directly into a flower bed. Many tumbler bins have agitator rods, which help ensure even mixing.

Large-scale composting requires more space than many composting bins offer. Professional landscapers or gardeners with large yards may prefer a fenced stationary composter. These products have wooden slat sides that keep organic materials in place, and most hold more than 20 cubic feet. No matter which bin style you choose, look for a product with an open bottom. Placing the container on natural soil lets worms and other organisms work their way into composting materials.

Durable Bin Performance
Many of these products feature tough polyethylene construction. This material withstands harsh outdoor conditions and retains heat and moisture. It comes in a range of attractive colors and is lightweight, making bins easy to move. Wooden fence-style bins use rot-and moisture-resistant woods such as cedar to ensure many years of service.

Simplify with Composting Accessories
Composting is a natural process, but a few accessories simplify compost handling. Use a Lewis Lifetime Tools aerator to stir compost with no heavy lifting and a kitchen compost pail to add nitrogen-rich kitchen waste such as fruit peels and eggshells to your compost pile. A durable thermometer lets you maintain a healthy temperature inside your bin.

Creating compost is an easy way to improve the fertility and texture of garden soil. It's also an eco-friendly process that reduces waste materials going into local landfills. Explore the many composting bins available at Staples and find a product that meets your gardening needs.
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Lewis Lifetime Tools CA-36 Compost Aerator
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