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Linpeng International Kids Crafts & Jewelry Making Kits

Linpeng International Crystal & Pearl Rosary Bead Kit
Item : SS3456539
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  • Available designs: Ab Coated Blue Crystls/Faceted Rhondele, black crystal beads/black pearls, emerald crystal beads/white pearls, garnet crystal beads/crimson pearls, hot pink crystal beads/hot pink pearls, peridot crystal beads/lt. green pearls, rhodochrosite crystal beads/pink pearls, silver crystal beads/gray barrel beads, sky blue crystal beads/sky blue pearls, smoky crystal beads/golden pearls, smoky crystal beads/white pearls and violet crystal beads/wiolet pearls
  • Type: Bead kit
  • Perfect for creating rosary beads for you and your family
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