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Luster Leaf Composting Bins

One of the most useful additions to a garden is a composting system. Luster Leaf products help create an efficient compost arrangement in any yard. Composting is an ecofriendly lifestyle choice that recycles and reuses household waste as nutrient-rich fertilizer for garden plants. Staples has the supplies you for a productive composting system.

How Does Composting Work?
Composting is the process of allowing organic matter to decompose and using it as a natural fertilizer to enhance soil and help plants grow better. Many types of common household waste can be composted, including fruit and vegetable scraps, eggshells, leaves, grass, weeds, coffee grounds, newspaper and many other items. The traditional method involves creating a compost pile on bare ground to allow worms to aerate the compost. The pile should be started with twigs or straw to provide drainage. Next, add other elements added in layers. Compost should be turned regularly to provide enough oxygen for the decomposition process.

Composting Bins to Suit Your Environment
Most modern composting methods employ an enclosed bin to simplify mixing the compost and speed up decomposition. Enclosed bins also protect the compost from wildlife and pests that can be attracted by food waste. Composting bins are separated into two categories: stationary and rotating. Stationary bins are the most basic style and can be anything from a ventilated crate to an enclosed device that will retain heat and moisture to quicken the decomposition process. Stationary bins require the compost to be turned and mixed frequently, and it's better if the bin is located in the sun to increase heat exposure.

Rotating bins, also known as compost tumblers, consist of a ventilated container placed on a raised axle. The bin is easy to rotate to mix the compost. Most tumblers are made from plastic for insulation to maintain heat for faster decomposition. Rotating bins drastically increase the decomposition speed, creating usable compost in weeks rather than the months required for stationary bins.

Are There Indoor Composting Options?
Compost piles or bins take up a fair amount of space and require an outdoor environment. However, there are several smaller indoor containers that can be extremely useful for creating a household composting system. Having a sealed composting bin in your kitchen makes it easy to collect your food waste to be composted without requiring you to run out to the compost pile multiple times a day. Most kitchen compost bins hold between 1 gallon and 2.5 gallons of material. There are options made of plastic or stainless steel, and most have odor control features, such as tight-fitting lids and activated charcoal or carbon filters. A style with a handle makes it easy to carry the whole bin outside to add the contents to the compost pile or tumbler.

Effective decomposition requires four elements: oxygen, nitrogen, carbon and water. It's vital to ensure your compost system has enough of all four elements to work effectively. Turning or mixing often introduces oxygen, and grass clippings and other colorful waste such as fruit adds nitrogen. Most material that is high in carbon is brown and dry, such as straw. Compost should remain moist at all times to optimize decomposition. The right temperature is also vital: decomposition occurs most efficiently between 120 and 160 degrees Fahrenheit. A compost thermometer is helpful for ensuring your system is at the optimal temperature. Find compost bins and other essential gardening tools at Staples.
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Lusterleaf 1635 Compost Thermometer
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