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Apple Thunderbolt Audio/Video/Data Transfer Cable
Item #IM1ZN9915
Model #MD861LL/A
  • Thunderbolt for Audio/Video Device, iMac
  • 6.60 ft.
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kanex k181-1015-wt8i USB-c To Dvi-D Adapter
Item #2107373
Model #KAN1811015WT8I
  • Connects new 12" MacbooK to a dvi supported display or projector
  • HD video streaming
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Mac, as known as Macintosh, has been manufacturing personal computers since 1984. Since then, they have produced many personal devices and products for companies, schools, universities, and individuals. The company is known for its ability to mass-market personal computers, hard drives, accessories, and more. Mac products are used in many different contexts every day and popular choice for many.

Mac Hard Drives & Accessories
People buy Mac hard drives and accessories for their Apple computers. These high-quality products are known to last, which is why so many businesses and individuals invest in this brand computer. The company produces all of the necessary accessories to provide solutions to their customers.

Hard Drive Uses
Many business owners use external hard drives to back up their important customer data and product information every day. For many companies, losing access to their data could wreck their ability to meet customer demand or sell products. That's why it is so important to have an external hard drive for your Mac computer. Backups should be a part of a company's daily habits. Individuals also benefit from using a Mac hard drive to store their important information. Many students use external hard drives to house research, papers, and project details for school assignments.

Additional Accessories
To support your computer and personal devices, choose from accessories such as power cords, adapters, transfer cables, and more. These accessories make it more convenient for you to transfer data from an external hard drive to your Mac computer. Or, you can use these cables to transfer information from one Mac to another. If you work in an office or company that needs to often manually move information from one source to another, these accessories will help you.