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Magid Glove Gardening Aprons

Magid Glove offers an array of products that protect both professional workers and active homeowners engaged in any number of activities on the job or around the home. The company also offers products that help make these activities more efficient. Products are available in several categories, including work gloves, safety clothing, respirators, safety eyewear, hearing protection, head and face protection, fall protection and facility maintenance supplies.

Protect Yourself with Magid Glove Aprons While Gardening
Gardening aprons are protective in the sense that they keep soil and dirt off the clothing they cover. They also have the benefit of holding potentially hazardous tools and materials, like razor knives or nails, in safe separate pockets, rather than laying around at the work site. Gardening aprons are available in waist, bib and disposable styles.

Use Magid Glove Waist Aprons for Garden Work
Magid Glove offers lightweight 9 x 25 inch cotton waist aprons that have small hidden pockets for carrying seeds, hand tools and other smaller items. Larger pockets hold shears, garden gloves and various other garden implements, and many include a special waist pocket, with distinctive patterning to carry mobile devices such as an mp3 player or a cell phone, giving the wearer convenient access to communication while they work. The waist aprons are adjustable with string ties and often include several fabric loops to hold extra gardening tools. This type of gardening apparel is just right to give users freedom of movement, plus the pockets and hangers necessary to have plenty of tools within easy reach.

What Other Aprons Does Magid Glove Offer?
Magid Glove aprons are available for a broad range of uses, depending on the apron material. Polyethylene styles are approved by the USDA for food handling and processing. More flexible, versatile and lightweight vinyl aprons give chemical workers protection from harmful acids, solvents, oils and fats. Nitrile material provides heavier weight aprons that are durable enough for extended use, offer protection from cuts and are useful for maintenance, construction and manufacturing applications. The brand also makes mesh, Kevlar and SparkGuard aprons for welders, providing heat protection, flame resistance and insulation, plus aluminized rayon aprons that provide protection against molten metal splashes in metalworking industries.

Can you use Other Magid Glove Aprons for Gardening?
Gardening aprons should protect your regular clothes from grass stains and mud from gardening and yard work. They don't have to be vinyl, polyethylene or mesh, but they should consist of material that is sturdier and more durable than kitchen aprons. Many good gardening aprons consist of fade-resistant heavy-duty cotton. They typically include several pockets for gloves, garden shears, and other small gardening tools. Some aprons for garden wear are made from denim and have a bib-style pocket and one or two side pockets. Others come in cotton with sewn-in ties, also with multiple side pockets and a bib-style pocket in the center. This brand also makes aprons and other gardening apparel out of Tyvek, a material that's suitable for garden work because it's tear, puncture and moisture resistant.
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Magid Glove TE446T Terra Collection Waist Apron
Item : 1260975 / Model : 33014374
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  • Product Type: Waist Apron
  • Material: Cotton
  • Dimensions: 9"H x 25"W
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