Craft Lighting & Magnifiers

Durable and MobileUse this selection of craft lighting and magnifiers to take your hobby or work anywhere. Craft at home or while on vacation. Choose from brands like V-Light, Vision Max, and Ledu. These lamps and magnifiers brighten up work spaces while maintaining mobility and durability.


Take your work home or your hobby on vacation with ease. Choose the perfect carrying case for your new craft lamp and take your crafting on the go. Move lamps from one work space to another with strong, easy-to-use clips. Choose from lamps with cords or battery-powered lamps to take full advantage of their mobility. Select smaller, pocket-size magnifying options like wearable LED-lit magnifying glasses to complete small, tricky projects with ease and see self inking stamps up close.

Durability and Functionality

Choose from a selection of durable lamps and magnifiers that brighten up your desktop or work spaces with full spectrum or fluorescent bulbs. Choose from lamps with strong desk clips or weighty, tip-proof bases to take up minimal space on your desk or countertop. Work on craft projects comfortably with lamps with adjustable heights, ensuring you can see your work without straining your eyes or having to stand.

Sleek and Modern Styles

Choose from a wide variety of designs and builds to complement your office or store decor. From matte black to brushed nickel, metal, or plastic, your durable work tools don't have to look like they belong in the garage or warehouse. Show off your workspace or small business with these stylish yet functional craft lamps and magnifiers, perfect for complementing any space without taking the focus away from your work. Place them on your favorite portable folding tables or our perfectly suited drawing & drafting tables for sale, and get to work on your favorite craft or lighted activity today!

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